Shop (Or Stay!) At Melbourne’s Latest Creative Concept Space, Ours Fitzroy

Melbourne creatives never cease to surprise us with their studios, creative projects, and side hustles. A case in point is the new, multipurpose space Ours Fitzroy, which brings together some of the best local creatives and businesses.

The recently opened hybrid space is a shopfront, gallery, and accommodation (!), designed to show off and celebrate makers, artists and collectors – all under one roof. Take a look for yourself!

Christina Karras

Outside the new concept store, gallery and accomodation – Ours! Photo – Emma Mash

The accomodation is filled with furniture from local makers and artists. Dining table by Billy Furniture. Photo – Emma Mash

It functions like an interactive showroom! Timber speaker by Alex Earl. Photo – Emma Mash

The homey hideaway is right between Smith and Brunswick Streets. Photo – Emma Mash

Couch by Monde. Coffee table by Modern Times. Photo – Emma Mash

A peek into the bedroom, featuring a mirror by Joshua Spaces. WINDOW Table chair by Curated Spaces. Hemp linen bed sheets from Solace And Still. Photo – Emma Mash

Toilet, basin, shower screen and kitchen sink all by The Tip Shop. Photo – Emma Mash

Flower table by Billy Furniture. Wall hanging by Lele Eclectic Studio. Incense holders by Chrinside Studio. Photo – Emma Mash

The cute courtyard space! Photo – Emma Mash

Step inside the shop downstairs. Photo – Emma Mash

Zane curated the space to showcase ‘nice things’. Photo – Emma Mash

Christina Karras
23rd of May 2022

Ours Fitzroy is an amalgamation of a few very ‘Melbourne’ things; shopping, art and our amazing creative community.

Located on Johnston Street, the new creative concept space spans two distinct levels. Downstairs, the shopfront houses local furniture, homewares, clothing, and art, which are all available for purchase. You’ll find designs from emerging furniture makers Objects By Kit, and Billy Furniture, alongside ceramics from Amiee Byrne; activewear from Nu Form Movement and Melbourne start-ups FIGR and Happy Society.

‘Ours has always been about bringing all of these things into one place and showing them off, unashamedly, because we should all be really proud and hyped about where we come from, the people we know and the amazing things they are making,’ founder Zane Curwen-Walker says.

Meanwhile, upstairs serves as a unique Airbnb, bringing the ‘locally curated collection to life’ in a one-bedroom apartment.

‘The accommodation was always meant to be a space where people could experience the beautifully curated rooms we see on the internet by staying in them for a couple of days,’ says Zane, who conjured up the idea for Ours Fitzroy during his Covid-induced isolation in the first week of 2022.

Fast forward to today, and he’s pulled the whole space together in just a few months’ time!

‘Having grown up in country Victoria, I take a lot of inspiration from my time digging through tip shops and salvage yards,’ he says. ‘I’ve always loved finding old things and putting them in rooms with other nice new things.’

In Ours Fitzroy you’ll find an old church window re-purposed as a shower screen, a repainted steel toilet and basin set, as well as pieces from Joshua Space, Fisch Designs, Monde and Curated Spaces. The entire space is made complete with a collection of ‘other nice things’, from Suku to Nonnas Grocer‘s candles, and there’s plenty of art too – including works by Lele Eclectic Studio, Tylah Saunders and Kitt Bennet.

Above all, Zane has curated Ours Fitzroy to help people feel ‘at home’.

‘I will always have a pot of coffee on and if I have the time I will sit down for a chat or show people through the space,’ he says. ‘I would like people to leave feeling like they can’t wait another minute before they start that project they’ve been thinking about.’

See Ours Fitzroy’s website to learn more, or visit the space for yourself at 248 Johnson St, Fitzroy. 

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