An Eclectic New Wallpaper Collection Designed To Clash

Artists Louise Fernando and Shelley Steer launched their collaborative pattern studio, Field Day, in 2021, driven by their mutual love for colour, pattern, and print.

And, after a few successful collaborations to kick off their studio (including one with beachwear brand Basil Bangs) the duo have released their first wallpaper collection, Hidden Wildflowers!

Christina Karras

Field Day’s new Hidden Wildflowers wallpaper designs, Sunnyside Clay and Early Hours Coral. Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

Early Hours Coral and Sunnyside Clay wallpaper. Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

The Agnes Dusty Rose and Tropics Citrine wallpaper are coming soon in Field Day’s next collection, By The Sea! Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

Gather Olive and Sunnyside Clay wallpaper. Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

Early Hours Coral wallpaper. Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

A sneak peek of the brand’s upcoming Archipelago Linen and Ripple Fog wallpaper. Photos – Mike Baker. Styling – Ruth Welsby

Christina Karras
2nd of May 2022

Artists Louise Fernando and Shelley Steer had been friends for 10 years before they decided to combine their creative talents in the illustration, textiles and design industries.

But it wasn’t until Melbourne’s series of lengthy lockdowns in 2020 that the pair finally found the time to dream up their business, Field Day; a studio that creates original print designs for bi-annual pattern collections and custom projects, including their own range of wallpaper!

‘From our initial business planning, we always wanted to produce our own range of products,’ Louise says.

‘After shortlisting a variety of possibilities we eventually narrowed it down to wallpaper. We love how it can introduce art and pattern into everyday life, whether it’s a bold hit of colours or a calming rhythm — there’s an inspiration and joy that follows. We also recognised a growing confidence in bold, multi-layered interiors, often celebrating colour and pattern.’

The Hidden Wildflowers collection takes inspiration from some of Australia’s ‘lesser-known native’ plants, including the poached egg daisy, coppercups and dusky daisy bush.

Shelley describes the range as an eclectic mix of patterns— ‘designed to complement and sometimes clash’, featuring playful colours like sorbet yellow, lilac, and dusty pink give life to the base colour palette of ochre, misty fog and olive.

Some of the highlights in the range include Gather Olive, which pairs the moody green tone with pops of colour in the hand-painted watercolour wildflowers. Meanwhile, the  Sunnyside Clay design is primed to brighten up any living room. And if you’re daunted by the vibrant patterns and prints, Shelley and Louise say starting with a feature wall in a powder room or reading nook can be a good place to start.

‘Similar to painting a wall or a new artwork, wallpaper gives life and a freshness that often stretches far beyond the walls of home to our daily mood,’ Louise explains.

‘Wallpaper is a wonderful way to create a focal point and introduce colour, texture and interest into your home.’

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