The New Robert Gordon Interiors Range Brings Beautiful, Tactile Pieces Home

Much-loved family pottery business Robert Gordon is known for its impeccable craftsmanship and tactile homewares – and the quality of its latest interiors collection (Robert Gordon Interiors) is no different.

The range champions unique, high-quality fixtures and fittings, with each piece being touched by many pairs of skilled hands. As a result, they boast a beautiful, one-of-a-kind finish – something that is especially rare in today’s era of mass-produced fixtures.

Designed by Robert Gordon Interiors director, Bobby Gordon, the latest collection includes simple modern basins, light pendants, and wall sconces to elevate any room.

Christina Karras

A multi-generational family business! Hannah Gordon (left) is the head of sales and importing for Robert Gordon, Bobby Gordon (middle) is the director of Robert Gordon Interiors, while Kate Gordon (right) is Robert Gordon’s creative director. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Each slip-cast basin is fettled (trimmed and cleaned) before firing. Photo – Eve Wilson.

The Robert Gordon Interiors range of basins offers a stunning array of glaze finishes. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A Kiln 360 basin in the works. Photo – Robert Gordon Interiors.

Small Bell Light in Stone. Photo – Jarrod Barnes.

Christina Karras
5th of April 2022

With a decade of experience as an architect under his belt, Robert Gordon Interiors director Bobby Gordon could see there was a gap in the market for high-quality fixtures and fittings made in unique finishes – and he knew his family’s pottery business could meet this demand.

‘As family we have been making pottery since 1945. We know pots, that’s what we do. So, why not combine the two – fixtures and fittings and our knowledge of pottery?’ Bobby says.

The launch of Robert Gordon Interiors saw them move beyond homewares and into the kitchen and bathroom, and now the brand’s 2022 collection further extends their offerings to light fittings, wall sconces and wall hooks!

It includes four classic sink shapes and four light fittings, which are handcrafted in their Pakenham workshop and finished with beautiful reactive glazes. These range from new tones such as a soft and earthy Stone to a pretty pink Rose Quartz. Meanwhile, the Pearl Wall Sconce is the brand’s new ceramic wall fixture, featuring a scalloped dish with a chic ball light.

All products are made-to-order by the Robert Gordon team using Australian clay and a slip casting system that recycles all scrap clay into slip for new pieces, meaning there’s no waste and each piece is unique!

‘Each piece goes through the process of being touched by many pairs of hands – from moulding, making, fettling, firing, glazing, firing again stacking, packing. No two are alike,’ says Bobby.

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