Best on The Beach! Our Edit Of Excellent Accessories For Beach / Park / Picnic Life

This summer feels never-ending in lots of ways (variants, heatwaves etc.), but the upside of these drawn out days for many of us has been an extended amount of time spent outdoors.

So whilst we still have a few summery weekends ahead of us, here is our ultimate guide to the best accessories from local brands and makers, to make your beach / park / picnic times extra special!

Sasha Gattermayr

Real TDF readers know, there is no space or place that cannot be enhanced by excellent, considered design! This is even true at the beach, where shimmery ocean blues and soft sandy shores are an aesthetic unto themselves. (Hello Anna Spiro’s dream island home!)

From beach towels by local brands Baina and Købn to recycled plastic plates by Ella Reweti, and durable, designer beach mats by Laze – this is our edit for all things fun in the sun. So whether you’re planning an outdoor picnic, a beach party, or a good old fashioned day-long dip, it’s time to amp up your beach game.

And make sure you follow all these brilliant (almost all local!) makers and brands… Enjoy!

1.  Beach Towels by Købn. RRP $99
2. Sand Picnic Basket from Country Road. RRP $199
3. Scalloped Dolce Hat from Lack Of Colour. RRP $139
4. Roman Organic Cotton Towel from Baina. RRP $110
5. Golden Beach Towel from Sunday Supply. RRP $79
6. The Cooler Tote Bag from Business & Pleasure. RRP $100
7. Recycled Plastic Yellow Plate by Ella Reweti. RRP &79 (set of two, available for pre-order)
8. The Holiday Cooler Bag from Business & Pleasure. RRP $70
9. The Premium Beach Umbrella & The Tommy Checkered Chair Umbrella RRP $300. Checkered Chair RRP $250
10. Love Rug in Gingham Butterscotch from Basil Bangs
11. Wave Bucket Hat from Lack Of Colour
12. The Weekend Umbrella in Melon from Basil Bangs. RRP $200
13. Rio Beach Towel from Sunday Supply. RRP $79
14. Rio Stripe Beach Chair from Sunday Supply. RRP $149
15. Sundown Floor Mat from Laze. RRP $110
16. Waterproof Ultimate Ears Speaker from Wonderboom. RRP $129
17. Beach Towel by Hommey.
18. Premium Beach Umbrella from Basil Bangs. RRP $319
19. Holiday Bucket Hat from Lack Of Colour. RRP $119
20. Coloured Floor Matts from Laze. RRP $110
21. The Holiday Beach Umbrella from Business & Pleasure. RRP $200
22. Stackable Metal Tumblers (Set of 4) from Kmart.
23. Weekend Floral Tote from Basil Bangs. RRP $40
24. Beach Tent from Basil Bangs. RRP $219

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