Beautiful New Botanical Art Prints From Textile Designer Georgie Daphne

From the studio in her mudbrick home in Ringwood, textile designer, painter and illustrator Georgie Daphne paints colourful botanical worlds. Her brilliantly verdant houseplants cascade from terracotta pots and adorn vibrant table settings – creating whimsical, eye-catching arrangements.

Named ‘Plant Gang’, the artist’s new collection depicts joyful, homely moments in lilac, blue, musky pink, green and orange as limited-edition prints, which are on sale now. So cute!

Sasha Gattermayr

Georgie sourced pieces from other Australian makers and retailers such as Pan After, Rara Studio, Benna co + more. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Georgie’s vibrant prints on the wall in her Ringwood living room. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Plant Shelfie‘. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Pink Philodendron‘. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Georgie at her home studio in Ringwood – wearing Variety Hour (another excellent local textile designer we love!). Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

At work with her plant buddies. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Monstera‘. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Left: ‘Syngonium‘. Photo –Ruby Henshall. Styling – Michelle McIlrath.

Sasha Gattermayr
9th of July 2021

Houseplants can be like pets: a cute and docile friend that makes your space feel immediately warm and comfortable. Instant company!

Plant Gang’ by artist Georgie Daphne is a series of art prints that embodies this feeling. Drawn from seven paintings that she has created over the last year, each print will be limited to 50 editions across five different sizes.

For the paintings themselves, Georgie was drawn towards plants with interesting patterns like pink philodendron or syngonium podophyllum. She scoured the internet for images of her chosen species, and rendered them on canvas in acrylic paint, imagining each one in new colourful contexts.

‘It makes sense that I’m drawn to patterns on plants, since I started out my creative career as a textile designer 13 years ago,’ she says. It also makes sense that her plants are often featured in the home, atop a gingham-covered table or on a ledge beside other planters. So joyful!

The glicee prints are produced on 300gsm cotton paper, which are printed locally. Even the packaging and envelopes are made in Melbourne. We love them!

Georgie’s prints are available on her online store here!

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