Eleven Candles That Bring The Razzle Dazzle To Your Dining Table

One of the most surprising yet welcome homewares trends we’ve seen spring up this year is a renaissance of the humble candle. Steering away from the pot-set scented variety that have been popular over the last few years, the candles of 2020 are bright, kooky and so fun to look at you’re never going to want to burn them (please, burn them!).

Maybe it was the need for quick and easy ambience at home this year that shot them to cult-status, but we reckon the variety on offer and affordability of these low-stakes homewares means that statement candles are here to stay.

We’ve put together a bunch of candles and candle holders from some of our local faves to bring a little extra pizzaz your summer entertaining table!

Sally Tabart

Evie Mine Candles, available from Makers’ Mrkt. Photo – Kelly Thompson for Makers’ Market.

Evie Mine Candles, available from Makers’ Mrkt. Photo – Kelly Thompson for Makers’ Market.

Evie Mine Candles, available from Makers’ Mrkt. Photo – Kelly Thompson for Makers’ Market.

The jewel toned bulbous shapes are a contemporary spin on some tableware classics. Grande Pauline candlestick holder, Volute Candle Holder and Volute candles. Photo – Dave Wheeler. Stylist – Sandy Dao. Florist – Sophia Kaplan.

Tapered candles open up new avenues to experiment with shape, colour and form. Grande Pauline candle holder. Photo – Dave Wheeler. Stylist – Sandy Dao. Florist – Sophia Kaplan.

ONE / Evie Mine

Hand poured by Evie Mine founder Celeste in her studio in Chicago, these candles are made from an unscented beeswax and soy wax blend. According to Kelly Thompson of Makers’ Mrkt, one of the only stockists of Evie Mine in Australia, these are the ‘OG maker of this trending candle style’. With over 20 years experience in candle making, Evie Mine candles are the original and the best!

Price: $45 – $65. Available from Makers’ Mrkt.

TWO / Maison Balzac

When Maison Balzac released their ‘Une Reve’ collection in October this year, we couldn’t get enough of these bobbly, flared and tapered candles! The matching roly poly stacked candle holders takes these to the next level, and tap into the coloured glass homewares trend we’ve been loving this year.

Price: Candles from $19 – $25. Candle holders from $49. Available from Maison Balzac.

Candlesticks and sphere candles available from Pinky’s Store. Candlestick holders by Studio Arhoj. Photo – courtesy of Pinky’s Store.

Ledt: Blazed Wax Cherry Bomb Candle and Dante candles. Right: Blazed Wax Pillar Candles. Photo – courtesy of Blazed Wax.

THREE / Pinky’s Store + Studio Arhoj

Sold in handy pairs of bright, complementary colours, these dinner candles from Pinky’s Store are a total no-brainer and look GREAT en masse. Paired with these sturdy candle holders from Studio Arhoj, a Danish interior design and ceramics studio stocked at Pinky’s, and you’ve got yourself a perfect party set up.

They’ve also recently released some fab spherical candles that almost look like Christmas baubles – ’tis the season!

Price: Candles from $12 – $26. Candle holders from $45. Available from Pinky’s Store.

FOUR / Blazed Wax

Created by Melbourne-based housemates and best friends, Blazed Wax is the side hustle of jeweller Ruby Kannava and Sister Studios co-founder Emma Cutri. What started as a fun little 2020 side project has quickly escalated into a fully-fledged candle biz! Hand poured from their Brunswick studio, Ruby and Emma’s candles are made from 100% unscented soy wax in a few unique styles.

These were a big hit with Melburnians over lockdown and brought some much-needed brightness and ambience into our homes! And we love that they’re made right here in Melbourne.

Price: Candles from $24 – 462. Available from Blazed Wax.

Candles and candelabras by Hilary Green. Photo – courtesy of Hilary Green.

Twist candle by Lex Pott from Jolie Laide. Photo – courtesy of Jolie Laide.

FIVE / Hilary Green

Hilary Green is a new Melbourne maker we’ve had our eyes on recently. The artist creates kooky ceramic sculptures that almost look like barnacled treasures, dredged up from the bottom of the ocean! The ultimate compliment to her gnarled candelabras are these witchy candles in a range of pastels and fluros, hand dipped by Hilary and made with a soy/beeswax blend.

Price: Candles from $10 – $25. Candle holders from $150 – $250. Available from Hilary Green.

SIX / Lex Pott

Were these the candles that started the trend in 2020? The double-ended Twist candle by Dutch designer Lex Pott have been a HUGE hit this year, popping up in the homes of design savvy people all over the world. They’re pretty much Instagram famous at this point. Doubling as a design objet, these candles give you real bang for your buck!

Price: Candles $89. Available from Jolie Laide.

SEVEN / Oh It’s perfect

Events and Activation agency Oh It’s Perfect lost all their client projects booked for the year back in March. Founder Sammy Hassan wasted no time in rethinking their offerings, using the time to design a range of fab products, preserved flowers and candles.

Their twist dazzle candles are designed in Melbourne and handmade in Denmark. ‘We spent 7 months trying to find a candle maker who could make the candles, we sampled with 4 candle makers, one local, and four European before we finally found the one’, says Sammy. OH, they’re perfect!

Price: Candles from $40 – $48. Available from Oh It’s Perfect.

Tony Assness candles available from House of Heras.

Left: Candles from You, Me and Bones. Photo – courtesy of You, Me and Bones. Right: Candelabra by Kerryn Levy. Photo – Kerryn Levy.

EIGHT / Tony Assness

Hand poured in Bondi, these beeswax candles by Tony Assness add a bit of drama and grandeur to any interior. Available in a range of different sizes (the largest coming in at 60cm tall!), a vignette of these would make for its own mini at-home art installation.

Price: Candles from $40 – $130. Available from House of Heras.

NINE / You, Me And Bones

Waan Pivasiri has spent seven years perfecting her hand-poured candles, and we reckon she’s got it just right! We particularly love these squiggly, chubby varieties – a great way to incorporate the curvy interiors trend at home, without splashing major cash on something more permanent.

Price: Candles from $35 – $54. Available from You, Me & Bones.

Ten / Kerryn levy

We’re huge fans of Adelaide-based ceramicist Kerryn Levy, and GASPED when we first saw her spectacular candle holders! Ranging from single stems to a candelabra style that can hold up to 9 at a time, these masterpieces are for the serious candle people out there.

Price: Candle holders from $90 – $790. Available from Kerryn Levy.

Sculptural candle holders by Sarah Nedovic. Photo – Josh Robenstone.

Sculptural candle holders by Sarah Nedovic. Photo – Josh Robenstone.

ELEVEN / Sarah Nedovic

Ceramicist Sarah Nedovic is best known for her exquisite Lady Lamps, and has recently added a limited edition collection of sculptural candle holders to her portfolio. Drawing from abstract, figurative sculpture, these handmade functional objects are also design pieces – the ultimate luxury.

Price: Candle holders from $750 – $1250. Available by enquiry from Sarah Nedovic.

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