The Cosy New Australian-Made Sofa Range, Inspired By Togetherness

Founded in 2012 by then-emerging interior designer Jean-Pierre Biasol, interior and product design studio Biasol has gone from strength to strength, with knockout hospitality fit-outs and classy residential projects around the country. Their newest direction, though, is furniture design! Having custom designed stools, tables, and desks for their own design projects over the last few years, their  ‘Comoda‘ sofa collection, launching tomorrow, is their most ambitious furniture project to date, and marks an impressive milestone for the studio.

Join us in a chat with Jean-Pierre about this flexible, fabulous new range, which is inspired by the cosiness of home. We all know a lot more about that these days!

Sasha Gattermayr

The ‘Tre Mezzo‘ leather stools. Photo – by James Geer for InForm, styled by Bek Sheppard.

The ‘Tre Mezzo‘ stools. Photo – by James Geer for InForm, styled by Bek Sheppard.

The ‘Comoda‘ sofa is a modular settee, made through a hyper-local supply chain by Melbourne-based manufacturers Molmic. Photo – Timothy Kaye.

The ‘Tondo’ mirror in situ. Photo – Derek Swalwell.

The ‘Tondo’ mirror was released in 2019. Photo – James Morgan.

The Biasol team in the Cremorne studio. Photo – Derek Swalwell.

The new ‘Comoda‘ couch is shortlisted in The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards, in the Furniture Design category. It is available from September 18th! Photo – Timothy Kaye.

Sasha Gattermayr
17th of September 2020

The ‘Comoda’ sofa is the newest furniture range released by multi-hyphenate design studio, Biasol. Led by interior designer Jean-Pierre Biasol, the firm’s latest (and comfiest!) addition is inspired by togetherness.

Jean-Pierre studied in Europe before establishing his Melbourne-based practice in 2012, bringing his Continental training with him.

‘We wanted to create a statement piece with European flair, filtered through our Australian design sensibilities,’ he explains of the ‘Comoda‘ collection. Named after the feminine conjugation of the Italian word for ‘comfortable’, the Comoda sofa’s sensuous, curved design nods to the 1970s as the heyday of sculptural furniture, while simultaneously exuding a timeless look. Another nod to the late modernist era is the modular element of the range, allowing for ultimate flexibility. Characterised by its precise contours and generous proportions, the sofa is available in a curated selection of quality fabrics and leathers.

It’s this ultimate balance between comfort and aesthetics that Jean-Pierre was going for, citing the Danish concept of hygge as inspiration for the piece. Another piece of culture imported from the northern hemisphere, hygge translates loosely to the contentment and wellbeing encouraged by being in the company of other people. ‘We felt that this expression representing cosiness, comfort and togetherness encapsulated what we hoped to create in our sofa collection,’ Pierre explains. And let’s be real, who doesn’t need some companionship right now!

Biasol leant on their strong relationship with Melbourne-based manufacturers, Molmic, for all their production. A decades-long friendship between the studio and the heritage family business has resulted in a firm partnership which also has serious client-facing benefits!

‘Working alongside local manufacturers provides us with greater attention to the quality of every detail, which in turn gives us the ability to design for longevity and produce a high-quality product,’ Jean-Pierre explains, adding ‘being local ultimately gives designers and architects more flexibility.’ This is enhanced by a hyper-local supply chain, which sees materials responsibly sourced through local suppliers.

But when it comes down to it, the goal was to produce a comfortable piece of furniture that looks at home in every interior context. And they’ve succeeded! As Jean-Pierre says, ’It’s reminiscent of a warm hug!’

‘Comoda’ is available for purchase from September 18, but due to restrictions in Victoria, Biasol’s Cremorne showroom is currently closed. If you’re interested in enquiring, expressions of interest are now open here.

Find out more about Biasol here.

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