All Your Retro Dreams Realised!

It is no secret that mid-century style is having a real moment in the spotlight. But for Tamara Watts, creative director of Retro Print Revival, mid-century and retro designs have inspired her work for the past decade.

Tamara is celebrating ten years of Retro Print Revival, with the launch of her new collection, Athena, comprising vases, lamps, and planters in delightful linen, hessian, velvet, and ceramics, shot in the spectacular Fender House we featured a few weeks ago! In the iconic words of Anchorman, ‘we love lamp!‘ – and especially Tamara’s!

Miriam McGarry

Celebrating ten years of Retro Print Revival! Photo – Mike Baker.

Explore the new range, ‘Athena’. Photo – Mike Baker.

Mid-century never went out of style. Photo – Mike Baker.

You might recognise this home – check out our previous post on the Fender House! Photo – Mike Baker.

Lamps standing to attention! Photo – Mike Baker.

Photo – Mike Baker.

Earthy tones, and timeless shapes. Photo – Mike Baker.

Miriam McGarry
11th of December 2019

After a decade of drawing on the past to create contemporary designs, Retro Print Revival are celebrating by launching ‘Athena‘, a new collection which includes experimentations with ceramics, alongside their trademark lampshades and planters.

In reflecting on the last ten years of running her business, Tamara notes that ‘appreciation for mid-century design has exploded in the last decade.’ When the brand launched, there wasn’t anything else similar on the market. She highlights, ‘times have changed though, and the demand for the mid-century look in people’s homes has never been stronger.’

With a focus on classic mid-century silhouettes and styles, this latest collection also jumps forward a few decades to find new inspiration. Tamara Watts, creative director of Retro Print Revival, explains ‘the bronzed mirrored Raven Planters are delving a bit more into the early 80s, and the Stevi Vases are classic mid-century style.’ The Athena range includes new linen colours, hessians, and velvet lampshades for a luxurious retro feel. Tamara highlights her  passion for reinvigorating great ideas from the past –  ‘there’s so much joy to be found in breathing new life into old ideas, and creating well-made pieces that will adorn peoples home for many years to come.’

Looking back over the past ten years, Tamara also celebrates the relationships she has developed with local craftspeople. She highlights, ‘every step of the way I work alongside my makers right here in Melbourne, as we source the materials locally. In fact, most of my makers are in adjoining suburbs, which keeps business circulating around my own community.’ We love a local operation!

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