Level Up Your Bathroom With Baina Organic Cotton Towels

It’s only when you encounter a REALLY plush soft towel in a hotel, or staying with fancy relatives that you realise how scratchy and tired your own towels are. It seems every adult has a moment in their lives where they vow to ‘level up’ in the towel department…. and new Melbourne brand Baina has given us a whole new reason to make the upgrade!

Friends Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith saw a gap in the market for timeless, designer, organic cotton towels. Drawing on their experience in the fashion and interiors worlds, they launched Baina – their very own brand of modern, high-quality towels that immediately make us want to ditch every weird towel in our linen closets.

Miriam McGarry

Wrap up with the new Baina range! Photo – Greta Van der Star.

Josephine towel in Sand and Chalk. Photo – Greta Van der Star.

The Cove towel in Clay. Photo – Greta Van der Star.

Bethel town in Sage and Chalk. Photo – Daniel Walker.

Roman pool towel, in Paloma Sun and Clay. Photo – Daniel Walker.

Summer ready with Baina! Photo – Greta Van der Star.

Miriam McGarry
4th of December 2019

Friends Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith cut their teeth in the fashion and textile industry in New Zealand, where they both worked for over a decade for some of NZ’s best womenswear designers. The duo always dreamed of starting their own brand together, and when they relocated to Melbourne, and both started working at Jardan, the pair found themselves inspired by the world of interiors, and the meeting of contemporary design with sustainable processes.

After much research, Anna and Bailey realised there was a gap in the market for high-quality towelling. Anna explains ‘towelling is typically neutral or intensively colourful; we wanted to build a desirable brand, for us and our peers who might feel the same deflation when shopping for towels in the current market.’

Bailey describes the Baina brand as capturing many different aesthetics, to create a towel line that ‘carries purpose but also extends those moments of calm or grounding in a space where we take time for ourselves, and completely shut off from the world.’

The towels are 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal by a Global Organic Textile Standard certified mill. Anna emphasises, ‘we wanted Baina towels to have traceability and ensure that the raw materials used to make them were regulated from harvest through to manufacture. From the outset, it was immensely important for us to be able to stand by our manufacturing and its environmental impact.’ We love a brand that builds sustainability into its DNA!

The inaugural range for Baina is a seven-piece collection, all unique, but designed to work in any combination so customers can mix and match between colourways and prints.

Baina is available now online + in selected Lee Mathews stores, in store + online at Koskela, Oliver Thom, Clo Studios, Mr Kitly + The Mantel Store or pre-order now at

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