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At Home With Stylist Simone Haag

Renovations are generally recognised as a stressful time… but for interior designer and stylist Simone Haag ‘we enjoy the renovation process so much, we’ve done it twice!’

In partnership with Samsung, today we chat with Simone about re-renovating her home with a whole new scope, to create a space that suits her family’s needs – with generous room for three kids. She also shares a few expert tips on how to integrate technology at home, without compromising on any of her trademark flair!

Lucy Feagins
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Stylist Simone Haag’s stunning Ringwood Home. The living room features the unbelievably chic Samsung Serif TV designed by Paris-based design duo, the Bouroullec Brothers. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Living room details. The Samsung Serif TV is set to ambient mode, featuring an exclusive animated graphic on the screen  designed by the Bouroullec Brothers. Photo – Eve Wilson.

The dining area. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Simone at home alongside the Samsung Serif TV. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Simone suggests steering clear of symmetry when integrating technology into home design. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A spectacular dining space. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Kitchen details, with a leafy view! Photo – Eve Wilson.

Moving between the new ensuite and master bedroom. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Ensuite details. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Simone and Rhys’ bedroom takes on darker, more dramatic tones. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Featured artwork is a defining element of Simone’s home. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Those built-in robes! Photo – Eve Wilson.

Lucy Feagins
3rd of December 2019

Stylist Simone Haag and her husband Rhys moved into this Ringwood property in 2011, and ‘furnished the home the best we could with the budget of newlyweds!’ Years later, and now with three kids, it was time to update the home to reflect a new style of living. The family engaged Kennedy Nolan to extend the living room and add a private master bedroom, dressing room, and en-suite bathroom. Simone enthuses ‘this gave me greater scope and space to continue furnishing my house, which, as should be no surprise to anyone, is what I love to do!’

Simone applies the same philosophy to her own home as she does for clients, which ‘comes down to a series of principles, such as honouring the architecture, and harnessing the personality of the family residing there.’ Her own family space is comfortable and adaptable, elevated with an edit of carefully-curated furnishings and objects. Simone explains ‘it is a happy space that has an abundance of ceramics and op shop finds, alongside celebrated pieces, showing a journey of my travels and creating a safe space for my family.’

For Simone, successful design should be integrated into a home, to provide an unobtrusive (but beautiful!) backdrop for living. She highlights ‘great design should actually go unnoticed – it should be integrated, and above all else, talk to the narrative of the homeowners who inhabit the space.’

This approach helped inform the way Simone brought technology into her own home – after many years of resisting bringing a TV into the house!  Prior to recent renovations, the home had a small living room and a large fireplace, and there simply wasn’t an obvious spot for a TV. Once the renovations had opened up the space, and beautiful custom joinery introduced, the room was ready for a TV (and the family was ready for Netflix!). For Simone, the Samsung Serif designed by the Bouroullec brothers perfectly complements the considered design of her home.

For anyone attempting to integrate technology seamlessly in their home, Simone offers some advice. Firstly, it’s all about subtlety – ‘I feel like you want your eye drawn to furniture, art or objects ahead of technology.’ Secondly, she advises steering clear of symmetry – ‘set a television slightly off centre, and style around it she advises. It’s ok to treat the TV as a feature (the Samsung Serif’s ‘Ambient Mode’ graphic, as seen here, turns this piece INTO a design feature!). You don’t have to hide technology in a cupboard, or forfeit your Netflix subscription – clever home styling and careful selection of tech items can enhance the liveability of a home. For this textured, leafy and layered home, being comfortable and adaptable is the key to a happy and well-loved home!

The Samsung Serif, designed by the Bouroullec Brothers, features a unique I-shaped profile, making it iconic from every angle.  The Serif brings together the very best in contemporary design, with transformative technology.

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