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At Home With Architect Shin Kil + Visual Merchandiser Jessie Choi

As an architect and visual merchandiser respectively, Shin Kil and Jessie Choi know how to create a beautiful space – just look at their Fitzroy apartment!

The couple have placed their own unique style on the Freadman White-designed space reflective of their personalities and Korean heritage.

In partnership with Samsung, we joined the couple for a tour of their minimalist space and how they integrate The Serif TV

Amelia Barnes
Proudly Supported by Samsung

Samsung’s The Serif TV set to ‘Ambient Mode; in the home of Shin Kil and Jessie Choi. Photo – Derek Swalwell

Shin and Jessie bought the Fitzroy apartment off-the-plan in 2017. Photo – Derek Swalwell

Associate at Kennedy Nolan Shin Kil, and visual merchandiser Jessie Choi! Photo – Derek Swalwell

The top of Samsung’s The Serif TV doubles as shelving space, holding small plants or objects to blend with the decor. Photo – Derek Swalwell

Designed by Parisian duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, The Serif TV features a unique I-shaped profile to be attractive from all angles. Photo – Derek Swalwell

‘We approached the furnishing and styling of our home that complemented the design and told a unique story of our personality and our Korean heritage,’ Shin says. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

Shin at the dining table. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

The Freadman White-designed apartment with its high ceilings and quality materials was the perfect base for the couple. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

The internal staircase that separates the sleep and communal areas is Jessie’s favourite feature of the apartment. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

Shin and Jessie’s style is uncluttered, calming and focused on quality. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

The leafy bedroom outlook. Photo – Derek Swalwell  

Jessie in the relaxed bedroom styled with plants and linen. Photo – Derek Swalwell 

Amelia Barnes
29th of November 2021

Associate at Kennedy Nolan Shin Kil, and visual experience manager at Country Road Jessie Choi, were searching for an apartment to buy in 2017 when they discovered a new project Fitzroy by Milieu Property close to their work, favourite shops, and closest friends. Based on the developer’s already successful projects in the area, the couple made the ‘no brainer’ decision to buy one of the apartments off-the-plan.

The completed apartment presented great bones including high ceilings and quality materials – all it needed was Shin and Jessie’s individual stamp.

‘We approached the furnishing and styling of our home that complemented the design and told a unique story of our personality and our Korean heritage,’ Shin says. ‘We wanted to ensure that the focus was on us and try not to consider as many current trends.’

It was important to foster a particular mood, allowing the home to serve as an inspiring temple away from the noise of the outside world. ‘We also use our home as a vessel to observe our guests’ viewpoints, forge deeper connections, and share their experiences and knowledge,’ says Shin. 

Recognising the often negative impact televisions can have on room aesthetics, particularly in small spaces, Shin and Jessie invested in Samsung’s The Serif. ‘We are conscious that current tech products are becoming so easily disposable, so we try to choose things we feel we can appreciate and hold on to for a long period,’ says Shin. ‘Our tip for choosing a technology product is to focus on a function that you believe is essential.’

Designed by Parisian duo Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to be attractive from all angles, The Serif TV features freestanding legs that help conceal cables, and an ‘Ambient Mode’ that ‘mutes’ the screen when not in use. ‘It appears more like classic furniture than an electronic appliance,’ says Shin. ‘The freestanding legs conceal the cables beautifully, and complement the living area space, both when it’s on or off.’

This sleek television complements Shin and Jessie’s favourite elements of the home, including the high ceilings (that have allowed the couple’s giant fiddle leaf fig to grow an incredible height!) and the internal staircase – leading to two downstairs bedrooms. ‘Our home is split over two levels which is quite unusual for an apartment setting. It creates a visual and functional separation between living space and bedroom/working space,’ says Jessie.

With their impeccable taste and meticulous attention detail, Shin and Jessie have created a stunning home together, that captures the couple’s truly global sense of style, right here in Melbourne.

Samsung’s The Serif QLED 4K TV designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, features a unique I-shaped profile, making it iconic from every angle. The Serif brings together the very best in contemporary design, with QLED picture quality and smart TV capabilities,  you’re getting the ultimate TV experience, that meets the eye of design.

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