An Iconic Ken Done Print On Your Fave New Beach Brollies And Blankets!

To celebrate almost 10 years in business, outdoor homewares label Basil Bangs is taking things to the next level! The Sydney brand has recently announced a collaboration with the one and only, Ken Done, featuring the artist’s iconic 2001 December coral garden print.

We asked the label founders, husband and wife duo Krista Huebner and Mike Durante, to share how this collection came together, and other highlights of their incredible business journey to date!

Amelia Barnes

Photo – Sam Riles.

Photo – Sam Riles.

Photo – Sam Riles.

Photo – Sam Riles.

Amelia Barnes
23rd of October 2019

Every Basil Bangs product has initially been inspired by a problem. The brand’s signature beach umbrellas, for example, came about when the co-founder Krista Huebner was seeking a stylish solution to remaining sun safe while watching her husband and fellow co-founder Mike Durante surf. Later, after the couple married and had children, they began designing spill-proof tablecloths, and totes to suit everyday parenting and weekends at the beach. ‘My three personal criteria when assessing our designs is to ask if it’s going to be a workhorse, be easy to clean, and make me/you look good,’ says Krista,

After almost 10 years in business, Krista and Mike wanted to do something extra special ­– and boy have they delivered! The label has recently teamed up with Sydney icon Ken Done to produce a limited-edition beach umbrella and ‘love rug’ collection featuring the artist’s 2001 December coral garden print.

‘An artist print collaboration with Ken Done has been on the top of our wish list for years…We can retire now!’ says Krista. ‘His work encapsulates for us everything we feel is an Aussie summer: optimism, sunshine, vibrant colour, and being near the water.’ 

December Coral Garden was selected for this collection based on its strong, happy colours. Ken says this artwork was originally inspired by various snorkelling and diving trips to reefs around the world. ‘I hope it captures some of the wonder that you feel when you are under the sea,’ he says.

Like all Basil Bangs products, this collection has been designed with quality at the forefront. Krista says her husband’s shared passion for producing practical, stylish outdoor products is what underpins the entire label. A beach brolly has never been so stylish!

View the Ken Done x Basil Bangs collection here!

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