A New Standard In Architectural And Interior Hardware

If you’ve ever been faced with the task of sourcing new door handles and door knobs, chances are you may have been underwhelmed with the options on offer. After a combined 25 years working in the construction and interior architecture fields, husband-and-wife team Shaun Herrick and Cassie James-Herrick felt the same way – so they designed and curated their own!

The pair started off curating bespoke architectural hardware for their own projects, before realising their selection had a broader market. Two years later, Linear Standard is here, to bring some refined pizzazz to your home!

Miriam McGarry

Sculptural forms that bring detail to a home. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

Sleek handles by Linear Standard. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

Open sesame with the Echo handle made of ash wood. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

A shape for all homes. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

The Curve Pull, as part of the Neoprene Collection. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

We are hooked! Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

Carefully curated cabinetry hardware. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

A metallic splash in the kitchen. Photo – Siy Studio. Styling – CJH Studio.

Miriam McGarry
15th of October 2019

After working in the design industry for many years, and being frustrated with the lack of options in small architectural and interior hardware, Cassie James-Herrick of CJH Studio, and her husband Shaun Herrick took it upon themselves to fill this gap in the market. Cassie explains ‘we started Linear Standard two years ago, opening to online trading early this year, and growing our range constantly.’ The range includes door handles and door knobs sourced from across Australia and all over the world, in addition to the custom designed pieces by the couple.

Cassie explains ‘what started as a bit of a sideline project to appease a long dreamed out creative itch, has really started to take on a life of its own.’ With a young family, and a burgeoning business, Shaun has recently left his job in construction after 17 years to focus on parenting – both growing kids and a growing business! Cassie explains, ‘with a trained eye we have handled (pardon the pun) every piece in our range, carefully selected and discarded a LOT that we felt didn’t meet the level we were aiming to attain.’

‘LS Editions’ refers to the pieces Cassie and Shaun design themselves, and this collection is all manufactured in Australia, with a focus on reusing discarded construction materials, including aluminium, brass, oak, walnut, leather and even neoprene. In future, Linear Standard will release marble and stone pieces and they’re also collaborating with Dustin Frische from Softer Studio on some exclusive timber designs. Move aside boring cabinetry hardware, a new standard has arrived!

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