A Swedish Summer Cottage In South Australia

Inspired by Swedish summer houses, sisters Emma Read and Sarah Hall purchased this white weatherboard delight in Marion Bay, South Australia.

Their renovations for ‘My Sister & The Sea‘ are equal parts rustic and romantic, with a sense of vintage charm in every corner!

Miriam McGarry

The dreamy Marion Bay get away of My Sister & The Sea. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Treasures in every corner. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Relaxed beach side vibes in Marion Bay, South Australia. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

A fresh white space, with plenty of room for lounging. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Books in the cupboard for an afternoon read. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Warm tones and natural light in this coastal get away. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Treasures and striped linen. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Linen – check. Velvet – check. Foliage – check. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

The share room for late night stories. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

A corner of treats. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Vintage paintings and clean plywood panels. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Boats and dried flowers in every nook. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

No coastal home is complete without a shell mobile. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Mustard splash in the bathroom. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Outdoor setting perfect for an afternoon beverage and book. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Is there anything better than an outdoor bath?? Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Beach stripes. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

The white cabin, with strong Swedish summer house vibes. Photo – Marnie Hawson.

Miriam McGarry
16th of September 2019

Sisters Emma Read and Sarah Hall co-purchased this sweet weatherboard cottage on South Australia’s stunning Yorke Peninsula in 2015. With the intention to renovate it and eventually rent it out on Airbnb, Emma and Sarah got to work on transforming the rundown space into something special. 

Emma, who prior to purchasing the house had been travelling in Sweden, was inspired by the beautiful traditional summer houses she had stayed in while on holiday. The white timber cottages filled with holiday treasures became the main reference for the interiors of this project. Incredibly, during the process, the sisters discovered that the cottage had been a kit home, and had been imported from Sweden by the South Australian government as social housing! ‘Everything made sense’, they explain, and this Scandi holiday feeling was truly brought to life. 

Romantic and cosy spaces have been filled with soft linen and a little vintage flair, with plenty of cozy areas for lounging. An excellent priority! These include a rustic outdoor zone (including an outdoor heated bath and shower), and daybeds in the kitchen/dining room for napping! The pair explain, ‘we converted the garage into a large lounging space with plywood, painted concrete and rugs that could handle sandy feet and wet bathers, and filled the space with loads of books and jigsaw puzzles.’ Ultimate holiday vibes. 

Reflecting on this project, Emma and Sarah describe the finished product as ‘seaside elegance, yet rustic enough to feel comfortable’. Pack your favourite books (the sisters note that they were reading a lot of Famous Five and Secret Seven to their kids whilst renovating the property) and a pack of playing cards, for an idyllic getaway on the doorstep of the Innes National Park!

My Sister and The Sea is available for booking on Air BnB here

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