Cabin Fever

We’ve spotted a few big trends over the past twelve months – and, ‘tiny’ trends too.  One thing is clear – 2018 was the year of the cabin / shack / hut / off-the-grid tiny dream home!

We covered a series of truly lustworthy cosy hideaways this year, and today, we revisit our favourites, from Bruny Island in Tassie, to picturesque Gippsland in Victoria, to rural NSW.  (Bonus tip – many of these beauties are available to Airbnb!)



Lucy Feagins

Inside JR’s Hut , at the very top of a hill within the 7,000-acre Kimo Estate in rural NSW. Photo – Hilary Bradford.

Not a bad way to wake up! Photo – Hilary Bradford.

Views from the shower area. Photo – Hilary Bradford.

Lucy Feagins
27th of December 2018

An A-Frame on the top of the world

At the top of a hill on the 7000-acre Kimo Estate sits a modest A-Frame cabin, with a swoonworthy view across Gundagai. At a compact 28 square metres, JR’s Hut makes a big impact, on a small footprint.  This cosy getaway is specifically designed to encourage visitors to disconnect with the digital, and be truly immersed in the natural world – as such, it’s equipped with only the basics – and electricity is limited to a small solar panel with batteries to run low-voltage lighting. With a strict ‘no phone’ policy, the only tweets you will receive here are of the local bird life variety!

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The Japanese-inspired ‘Hideaway‘ cabin by Maguire Devine, on Bruny Island in Tasmania. Photo – Robert Maver.

The Bruny Island hideaway was designed to have no furniture, which informed the overall design. Photo – Robert Maver.

A Japanese-Inspired Hideaway in Tassie

Located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania on Bruny Island, this Japanese-inspired ‘Hideaway‘ cabin was designed as a place of refuge by local architectural firm Maguire Devine. Earlier this year, the tiny retreat was awarded the Esmond Dorney Award for Best New Residential Architecture, the Barry McNeill Award for Sustainable Architecture, AND the Colourbond Award for Steel Architecture in the Tasmanian Architecture Awards.

*Sigh*, another DREAM off-the-grid getaway…!

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The amazing self-built cabin of Lucy Hersey and her husband Nathan. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

Earth pigment painting by Lucy Hersey and second-hand sofa, originally from Freedom. Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

The cabin is a trove of op-shopped homewares! Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files. Styling – Annie Portelli

A Self-Built Tiny Getaway In Regional Victoria

This bush weekender really set Instagram alight when we shared in earlier this year, and we have been thinking about this tiny treasure ever since! Lucy Hersey and husband Nathan built their pocket-sized retreat with a desire to create a space committed to slow living and low environmental impact. Filled with recycled gems and a library of hodge-podge mugs (yes, we really like their mugs), this mini-marvel has off-the-scale charm factor. Small eco-footprint, big beautiful impact!

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The Ross Farm Cabin designed and run by Andrea Moore in South Gippsland.  Photo – Eve Wilson.

Photographic work on the wall by Andrea’s brother, Lachlan Moore. Furniture by Andrea and her dad (YES, they made that couch!). Bowl by Ella Bendrups. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Brass edged mirror, luggage bench and brass and cypress wall light by Andrea and her dad. Linen and robes by INBED. Akari lamp by Isamu Noguchi. Photo – Eve Wilson.

A Handcrafted Cabin In Gippsland

The Ross Farm Cabin by Andrea Moore and family is a simple and elegant getaway in South Gippsland. This handcrafted accommodation has unfolded under the care and expertise of interior architect Andrea and her family, with influences from Scandinavia and Japan, combined with a distinctly Australian aesthetic. This property combines the raw with the refined, to create a utilitarian luxury location. And just wait until you see the ‘bath’ room… (and yes, you can stay here too!)

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Photo – Amy Oliver.

Photo – Amy Oliver.

A Rom-Com worthy Beach Shack

Josh and Jenna Densten’s adorable little beach shack in Skenes Creek just outside of Apollo Bay is dream coastal getaway, filled with a distinct sense of Aussie nostalgia. The story of how Josh and Jenna secured the place is such a sweet story – after five years of longing (and giving up!) they were unexpectedly offered the opportunity to purchase the property, and jumped at the chance. Since moving in, they’ve fitted out their humble shack simply, with vintage furnishings and a ‘lo-fi’ vibe.

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