From Uni Pub To Your New Local

For anyone who has studied at Melbourne University or lived in a sharehouse in Parkville, Naughtons Hotel needs little introduction. The pub is a beloved local, although it is safe to say that until now, no-one was visiting for the décor.

We chat with Hearth Studio about their collaboration with Alana Cooke to update the interiors and architecture of the iconic local venue. The makeover retains the much-loved energy and history of the pub, while introducing a new welcoming layout of the space and freshly spruced interiors.

Miriam McGarry

The Naughton Hotel in Parkville, previously known as uni student pub favourite ‘Naughtos’! Photo – Emily Weaving.

Hearth Studio and Alana Cooke teamed up for the interiors overhaul. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Beautiful connection to the Parkville streetscape. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Beautiful textures and tones in the bar. Photo – Emily Weaving.

The interiors are informed by the history of the site, but avoid an overly ‘nostalgic’ vibe. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Great place to grab a parma! Photo – Emily Weaving.

Dining room details. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Comfy and ample bench seating. Photo – Emily Weaving.

A cosy winter spot! Photo – Emily Weaving.

Contrasting burnt orange in the bathroom. Photo – Emily Weaving.

Miriam McGarry
3rd of June 2019

Whenever Sarah Trotter, director of Hearth Studio told friends she was working on the renovation of the Naughtons Hotel, she was met with wistful reminiscing and warm memories. She explains ‘every time we mention this project to someone, they exclaim “Ah! Naughtos! I know that place from when I was at uni.” The Parkville pub is a local institution and for Sarah, it was ‘an honour for us to work on it.’

The Naughtons Team approached Hearth Studio with the objective of ‘making a beautiful place for the local community.’ The team quickly brought Alana Cooke on board to collaborate on the interiors and architecture, to transform the site into a more contemporary space.

The original corner building was established in 1873, and over time was amalgamated with two neighbours. This assemblage resulted in a hodge-podge of spaces, with conflicting floor levels, ceiling heights, ramps, and bulkheads. The renovation creates a cohesive and welcoming space, by stripping the interiors back to its original structure, as well as introducing new zones for causal and semi-formal dining.

The interiors are informed by the history of the site, but avoid an overly ‘nostalgic’ vibe. Sarah highlights ‘we wanted to be true to the ornamentation of a very simple Australian pub’ with colours that reflect the tree-lined streets, and finishes and fittings from many local makers. The interiors feature Diva Stools by Grazia and Co. and Anchor Wall lights, alongside vintage furniture shipped from the UK.

The outcome is a comfortable, welcoming space, that Sarah describes as ‘somewhere to have a great meal with family, have discussions late into the night, watch the footy, lean on the bar or have a meeting or party.’ Order some hot chips, a glass of wine and enjoy the new interiors of this old favourite.

Naughtons Hotel
43 Royal Parade
Parkville, Victoria

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