New Shades From A Melbourne Design Darling

Back in 2014, designer Georgia Perry first burst onto our radar, having just made the move from Sydney to Melbourne. In the five years that have followed, she’s continued to pivot her creative practice and impress us with fresh, covetable product after product.

Today we’re excited to share that Gpez has again waded out into new territory once more, with the release of her first eyewear range! The designer reflects on this new adventure and shares the inspiration behind her shades, in a heart-warming interview…

Elle Murrell

Designer Georgia Perry has just released a new eyewear range. Photo – Sam Wong.

The range includes six designs, including the Betty Sunglasses, Lunar Pearl ($195). Photo – Sam Wong.

Betty Sunglasses, Lipstick Red ($195) worn by artist Kelly Thompson. Photo – Sam Wong.

Photo – Sam Wong.

Betty Sunglasses, Lunar Pearl ($195) worn here by Rowie Kelly. Photo – Sam Wong.

Photo – Sam Wong.

Left: Apollo Sunglasses, Fern ($195) Photo – Sam Wong. Right: Designer Georgia Perry. Photo – Amelia Stanwix for The Design Files.

Elle Murrell
26th of April 2019

Georgia Perry is one of those effervescent and street-smart people that has consistently managed to WOW us over the years.

After closing her first bricks-and-mortar retail store, KIOSK, late last year, Georgia has just unveiled her new focus: her range of seriously swish sunglasses. The six designs channel vintage, oversized proportions, yet in modern hues and finishes, and all feature handmade Italian acetate frames.

The local legend caught up with us to share the ideas behind this exciting new product line – worn here by a girl gang of accomplished local creatives!

What have you been focusing on since we last featured you on TDF?

Life post-KIOSK has been a different pace. It was one of my proudest projects, but also the most taxing.

We were lucky enough to have a year long sub-lease in that Fitzroy space, but I chose not to renew the lease when it was done. Running a physical retail space is an insane amount of work, and while I really enjoyed so much of it, I was spread a little thin trying to also grow my product line and look after myself/actually have a life!

In the end, I still had many hopes and dreams for the Georgia Perry label, so that’s where I’ve decided to place my energy for the moment.

How did the new eyewear collection come about?

I’ve always thought that eyewear is the ultimate accessory.

It just has a special ability to completely change your look, protect you from the world, and make you look cool!

I collect sunglasses and have always had dreams of creating my own line.

Can you tell us more about the range?

I began the initial sketches for the shapes in early 2017, not realising what a long process it would be to the final product. There are so many moving parts when it comes to eyewear, and a lot of little decisions around materials, fit, lenses, hardware and packaging. The prototype process was long and because my brand is still so small it was quite a challenge finding manufacturers to work with.

It took a long time, but I am elated with the final product. I’m inspired by many things, including iconic eyewear in films – especially from the late 20s/early 60s, and this debut collection features six different styles.

What inspired you to branch out into this new area of business?

It’s no secret that I love accessories and I’m always wanting to push myself/my design capabilities.

I also really wanted to create the perfect sunglasses for myself, and thought other people might enjoy them too!

you always seem to be surprising us and getting people excited. how are you managing to remain relevant as a small business?

I’ve been making products for a few years now, so obviously I design with my customers in mind, but I try not to focus too much on trends or trying to guess what people will buy.

Illustrating and designing just brings me so much joy and that’s why I do it. Being able to share that with other people through products is so gratifying to me. Everything I create is an expression of who I am, and at the end of the day, I just want to make people feel good.

Where do you see your business heading next?

I’m very interested in slow, sustainable growth right now.

I balance my studio practice with the product side of the business and after a crazy couple of years, the last few months have been all about finding a way to work that feels healthiest for my mind and body.

A benefit of being such a small business is that I can play and explore new ideas all the time – and so I’m very inspired by other designers/brands that aren’t limited to a single product category. To that end, I have lofty dreams of adding homewares and apparel to the Georgia Perry offering – but all in good time!

See more and shop the range at or follow on Instagram @gpez.

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