The Shots Shortlisted For Australia’s Most Coveted Photography Prize

Close to 3,000 photographs have been submitted for The Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, one of Australia’s most coveted photography awards, boasting a total prize pool of $100,000!

Here, we highlight some of the most striking captures of life in Australia, ahead of the winner announcement next month.

Elle Murrell

Photo – Camilla French, Summertime.

Photo – Alexandrena Parker, Broken Hill Housewives Association.

Photo – Jessica Hromas, Angela Penrith.

Photo – Matthew Abbott, The Yards.

Photos – Jonathan May, Sal and Claudia and John Benavente, Fernando fishing.

Photo – Nicola Stone, Goldenhour.

Photo – Alexander Housalas, The Bondi and Aaron Chapman, Todd and Alana.

Photo – Johannes Reinhart, Snow in Perth.

Photos – Abigail Varney, Totem and Adam Ferguson, Drought.

Photo – Paul Blackmore, Heat.

Photo – David Wadelton, Pascoe Vale South Bedroom and Tamara Dean, TreeNotches.

Photo – Matthew Abbott, Dust and Sweat.

Photos – Prue Stent, In Her It and Christian Fletcher, Looking for Shade.

Photo – Madelena Rehorek, Kaif.

Photos – Liz Ham, SelfPortrait With First Born and Chris Round, Near Bronte.

Photo – Adam Ferguson, Ned Kelly Impersonator.

Elle Murrell
1st of April 2019

Australian photographers have been invited to tell a story of how they experience living here – the places, people and lifestyle that make our lovable country quintessentially Australian – for this year’s Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize.

Established in 2007, the awards promote local contemporary photography and span all forms of still, photo-based art – from analogue and digital photography, to staged and directorial photo-media work.

As part of an ongoing commitment to fostering portraiture skills and excellence in photography, the not-for-profit Moran Arts Foundation also hosts photography workshops in schools across the country. In conjunction with this, they have included a generous Student Prize in the upcoming awards.

In late March, the 230 semi-finalists photographs in the running for a top prize of $50,000 were announced. These captures were selected by a panel of judges, featuring celebrated photographer and curator Cheryl Newman, photojournalist and photo editor Jon Jones and photographer, artist and filmmaker Stephen Dupont.

‘Powerful landscapes and infinite skies provide a backdrop for family life and a sense of community which open up this conversation about Australian daily life. The challenge facing the photographer is to capture moments that will enlighten, provoke, amuse, and move the viewer,’ tells Cheryl.

‘Judging this year’s semi-finalists was an epic challenge. It’s a bit like holding your breath underwater and each time you come up for air you are graced with a surprising and poetic moment in Australian photography,’ adds Stephen. ‘I am looking for the imperfections and uniqueness emotionally that only photography can give’.

Who would be your winner?

You can see all the semi-finalists here. While the finalists of the 2019 prize will be announced on Wednesday, April 3rd, and the winners on Tuesday, May 7th.

The Moran Contemporary Photographic Exhibition
May 4th to June 2nd
Juniper Hall
250 Oxford Street
Paddington, New South Wales

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