Mirka For Melbourne!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
22nd of February 2019

OK guys. This is a big one. The Design Files has NEVER done anything like this before… and we’d be so incredibly grateful for your support.

A few short weeks ago, I received an email about an upcoming event – a huge auction of the studio contents of beloved Melbourne artist, Mirka Mora. It was a difficult email to get my head around.

On the one hand, I can understand people’s excitement about having an opportunity to buy a little piece of Mirka’s world. But in my heart, I really felt there was something not right about this, the idea that this important collection of Mirka’s art, paperwork, objects, and treasured possessions could be dispersed in this way. Surely, I thought, some of this stuff should be kept in a public collection?

Well. I’ve learnt a LOT in the past two weeks! My team and I have emailed and spoken with countless people from Mirka’s world – her friends, family and the incredible team at Heide Museum of Modern Art. And, we decided to do something about this.

In conjunction with Heide MoMA, today we launch Mirka For Melbourne!

Mirka’s studio contents are due to be auctioned next Sunday, March 3rd – in just 9 days!

If successful (pretty please!) this fundraising campaign will raise $100k in 7 days, to enable Heide’s acquisition of key artwork, documents, art materials and other treasures from Mirka’s studio, before they’re lost forever.

Please help us and Heide Museum of Modern Art save a significant portion of Mirka’s most treasured possessions, ensuring they remain together, in a public collection. 


I know many of you guys have been following since my first heart-warming interview with Mirka in 2014, as well as the many stories we have penned on her exhibitions and collaborations.

THANKYOU so much for your ecstatic enthusiasm for all-things-Mirka over the years!

I truly hope you will again offer your support at this vital time, by making either a personal donation or a tax-deductible business donation, to keep Mirka’s magic alive. It’s now or never!

This campaign has a number of options for donors

1. Individuals, business and freelancers can make a tax-deductible donation to the campaign. Tax-deductible donations do not receive rewards listed below – but donations of $1,500+ will be acknowledged by name in the following ways by Heide:

· Heide Museum of Modern Art Website
· Heide Annual Report
· Heide Foundation Honour Board located in Heide III
· Donor board at the first exhibition of Mirka’s studio contents

Those who give over $1,500 will also receive an invitation to an EXCLUSIVE private view of the special objects acquired.

2. If you’re an individual Mirka enthusiast (just like us!), you can donate in exchange for a reward!

· Donations of $60+ receive a ‘Mirka for Melbourne’ T-shirt.

· Donations of $1,100+ will receive an AMAZING limited edition archival Art Print (45cm x 80cm), released by Mirka Mora Print Studio and William Mora Galleries exclusively for this campaign, and never to be offered again.

When I Think Of My Friends‘, 2012
45cm x 80cm, unframed
300gsm Natural Cotton Rag paper with Archival Pigment Inks
Edition of 150

Please note reward-based donations are not tax deductible. (That’s a legal requirement… however, whether you can claim an artwork purchase on your business is a question for your accountant…!)

Of course, ALL donations are gladly accepted, and every donor will receive an email from us, with imagery and graphics you can share to show your support for the campaign!

Ok people. We have $100k to raise in 7 days…

PLEASE DONATE HERE. Together, let’s do this!

PLEASE help us spread the word about this campaign – share with friends, family and colleagues via email and social media!

Specials thanks to all those who have helped us bring this campaign to life – Paris Thomson, Andre and Jason at SIRAP, Esther Navarro Orejon of The Project Agency, Lisa Gorman of Gorman, Beci Orpin, Kendrah Morgan, Lesley Harding and Barb Taylor at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Guy Grossi and Loredana Grossi of Grossi Restaurants, Lachie at Tolarno Eating House and Bar, Sebastian at Love Police, Julia Zemiro, Phillipe Mora, William Mora and the Mirka Mora Print Shop, and my EXCEPTIONAL team – Elle, Annie, Ashley, Sally, Alice, Chelsea, Miriam – THANKYOU! x