TDF Kids Art Awards

The 2022 TDF Kids Art Awards WINNERS!

In early April we announced that the TDF Kids Art Awards would be back for its second year! This time, we asked children up to 16 years of age to submit an artwork responding to theme; ‘home’. 

Needless to say, we were once again blown away by the entries! 

Out of the incredible 759 submitted artworks, five winners have been selected by our fantastic judges Ken Done, Beci Orpin and Reko Rennie. The winners will each receive a massive $1000 thanks to our presenting partner, Honan, and the 15 runners up will also receive a customised pencil case featuring their artwork thanks to Crumb Kids. 

A massive thanks to Honan for supporting this event, alongside our supporting partners Gro-ToBirkenstock, and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class. And of course, a huge thanks to all the amazing artists who entered! All of the entry fees have been directly donated to Children’s Ground – an incredible First Nations-led organisation that works with entire communities over 25 year periods to make real and lasting change. 

So without further ado, here are the winners of the TDF Kids Art Awards, 2022!

Lucy Feagins
Proudly Presented By Honan
Lucy Feagins
6th of May 2022

After a host of incredible entries to the TDF Kids Art Awards last year, our expectations for this year’s entries were high – and the budding artists didn’t disappoint! Once again we have been wowed by the beautiful and creative works submitted. 

We loved seeing all the different interpretations of this year’s theme; ‘home’. And, it goes without saying, our judges, Reko Rennie, Beci Orpin and Ken Done, had their work cut out for them! But, after much deliberation, they’ve selected five winners and 15 runners up. 

A massive thanks goes out to our presenting partner Honan, and to our supporting partners Gro-ToBirkenstock, and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class  for helping to make this event happen! Of course, the biggest thanks goes to every single person who entered. Not only have you blown us away with your talent, but by entering, you’ve also helped raise valuable funds for Children’s Ground, who do incredible work supporting First Nations communities. 

All entries are now available to view on the event website, but for now, join us in congratulating the five $1000 winners, and 15 runners up! 

5 years and under


Ariella Penelope Vahdat 

Artist statement: “This is my mummy and me on our bushwalk with all the butte and rocks.” 


Elke Kirby

Artist statement: Elke likes to draw a list of activities to do at home each day. Today’s list: rollerskating, watering seeds and making a fishing rod.”

Golda May Brislin 

Artist statement: “My picture reminds me of home because it is my family-my mum in her favourite dress and me with pink and orange pigtails.”

Polly Jane Croft

Artist statement: “Home feels like watching the sunset at the beach with my mum, gran, auntie, sister and cousins. My sister dropped her cupcake which was really yummy and it made her sad.”

AGES 6 – 7


Ophelia Tomyn

Artist statement: “My kitchen table. Sorting my shell collection. Daddy made me pancakes, mummy is working on her art and Minx the neighbourhood car is visiting.”


Jessie Han

Artist statement: “I catch a twinkle star at my sweet home.”

Lucas Zhao

Artist statement: “A magic home designed and painted on canvas by Lucas with acrylic paint and Posca paint pens.”

Matilda Lotte Snell

Artist Statement: “Matilda was looking at the Rosella’s out our window and drew her magical version of them.”

AGES 8 – 10


Jack Henry Barnes

Artist statement: “My dog Missy always lies behind my mum whilst she’s cooking, hoping for food. This is where my family comes together for meals and chats.”


Evie Toll

Artist statement: “This is a picture of the front of my house at night. I used pencils and watercolour to draw it.”

Gabrielle Guo 

Artist statement: “I am missing my grandma who has not been able to visit me for 2 years.”

Isabel Rose Walton

Artist statement: “When I think of home I see the big tree in my backyard with the trapeze and trampoline. It is comforting and calm.”

AGES 11 – 13


Isla Walsh

Artist statement: “Family equals home.”


Amina Chelkha 

Artist statement: “This oil and watercolour painting is of the souk in the ancient medina of Fez Morocco in which my home in Fez is.”

Anujan Kc

Artist statement: “This painting is my aunt making a famous Nepalese dish called “selroti”, this was my house back when I used to live in Nepal.”

Meg Barrett

Artist statement: “This is my new rescue kitten. He follow me around the house all the time.” 

AGES 14 – 16


Isabella Doherty 

Artist statement: “The dining table where my family share stories over dinner, celebrate birthdays and join to have afternoon tea, is where I feel at home.”


Amelie Langston

Artist statement: “This artwork is the view from my window at night. This is a place that brings me happiness and tranquility.”

Annika Lucas

Artist statement: “This painting reminds me of my older relatives and how time can change.”

Sidney Barnes

Artist statement: “My artwork was created with gouache paint and represents my home. It aims to capture my dad’s wonderful architectural design and its warm sense of comfort.”

The TDF Kids Art Awards is proudly presented by Honan Insurance, alongside supporting partners Gro-ToBirkenstock, and the Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

Learn more about the work of Children’s Ground here

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