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TDF Talks @Mercedes me With Joost Bakker

Throughout June and July, we have been hosting weekly conversations at the Mercedes me Store Melbourne.

Today we share the live podcast recording of our second event, with legendary Melbourne designer Joost Bakker. Joost is many things: a flower grower and a florist, an artist and a designer, a passionate foodie and restaurateur. Underpinning all of this he’s a staunch champion of no-waste living.

In this thrillingly candid convo (*language warning!*) he shares his thoughts on why our food system needs a major shakeup, and why he believes everything starts with the buildings we design, and the houses we live in.

This podcast episode is live NOW – find us on Apple Podcasts, download Overcast for bonus pictures and links, or listen below!

Lucy Feagins
Supported by Mercedes me Melbourne

Joost Bakker’s own home in Monbulk, featuring his disctinctive reo-mesh-and-plant-pot design. Photo – Earl Carter.

The visionary Joost on his property in Monbulk. Photo – Eve Wilson.

The flower grower, florist, designer, restaurateur and zero-waste crusader (aka all-round LEGEND) champions symbiotic architecture and getting back to having a connection with your food. Photo – Eve Wilson.

Joost Bakker came onto our radar about 10 years ago, when he started designing buildings, homes and restaurants. He’s created restaurants in Melbourne and Sydney, and Perth, each with a no-waste philosophy. He has conceptualised and consulted on really BIG projects, too,  imagining urban farms connected to suburban shopping centres, and rooftop gardens on Collins Street, working with major stakeholders like City of Melbourne, Sydney Harbour Foreshore and many more.

Reflecting on trailblazing triumphs in his quest for no-waste living, and also some soul-shattering setbacks too, Joost shares his inspiring way of seeing the world, and implores us to act now.

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