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Melbourne Mornings · Joost Bakker

Lucy Feagins

We recently spent the most beautiful morning filming with Joost Bakker, whose job description, it must be said, it kinda hard to pin down.

Joost (pronounced ‘Yoast’) is an artist / florist / passionate foodie / multidisciplinary designer, and a champion of no-waste living.  He’s the visionary behind Greenhouse by Joost no-waste restaurants, Melbourne’s Brothl (sadly recently closed) and a host of other inspired creative initiatives which seek to make us all think a little more about where our food comes from, and where our waste goes.  In person, Joost is a bundle of infectious optimism and energy, always wide-eyed and full of endless ideas and new discoveries to share.

The morning we spent filming with Joost in Monbulk was, without doubt, the most photogenic morning we’ve ever had the great fortune of capturing on camera!  I can’t imagine a more perfect time of year than autumn to capture this beautiful part of Victoria.

Joost’s mornings are happy and busy.  He usually starts his day picking foliage, branches and blooms from his property, a carefully cultivated 6 acre block.  He always stops to sit down with his wife Jennie and three young daughters for a shared breakfast at about 8.00am, and when he can, he loves to walk the kids to school.  (The most scenic walk to school we’ve ever seen!). Then it’s off to the city for a morning of floral installations and client visits.

Like so many self employed creatives, for Joost, there is no real division between life and work. Every day is busy, and the busier the better.

‘I’m most creative when I’m busy. When I’m not under the pump, I’m not creative at all. When I’m super busy, up early, gotta get stuff done, I’m also coming up with a million ideas.’ – Joost Bakker.