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Melbourne Mornings · Lucy Feagins

Lucy Feagins

They say it’s good to leap out of your comfort zone occasionally… today I’m doing that, with the final film in our Melbourne Mornings series, featuring, um, me! Agh!

I’m often asked about my own daily routine, and the way we run The Design Files.  So today we thought it might be interesting to share a little of our world behind the scenes…. it’s not quite as photogenic as Joost’s amazing mornings, or as intensely creative as Kirra’s colourful mornings in the studio… (!) but we hope you’ll find this little insight into our own little creative operation a fitting book end to the Melbourne Mornings series!

Truth is, TDF is still a pretty tiny operation behind the scenes.  My time in any given week is split between photo shoots, video shoots, meetings with collaborators and advertisers, and working closely with our Managing Editor Lisa Marie Corso on our content calendar.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself up before dawn a little more often than I’d like (!) – traipsing around Melbourne shooting videos and photography as the sun comes up.  Today’s film follows myself and photographer Eve Wilson on an early morning shoot, after which I return to our studio in Collingwood for a morning of content planning with Lisa.  No yoga, no pilates and no morning meditation for me unfortunately…!

Like many of the self employed creatives we have profiled in this series, for me there isn’t really a distinct division between life and work. I think ‘work / life balance’ is a bit of a fallacy to be honest!  For me the ultimate goal is to always ensure I’m enjoying my work, so the hours spent ‘working’ are never counted or begrudged.

We’ve been so blown away with the response to this series, thankyou ALL for your incredible feedback and for sharing our films!  We do have more films in the pipeline, but for now Melbourne Mornings will take a little hiatus to make way for some other film projects over the coming months!