The Design Files Talks Podcast launches TODAY!

HOLY MOLEY would you believe it, we’re launching a PODCAST!

The Design Files Talks (or TDF Talks, for short) is a new fortnightly podcast, hosted by me, Lucy! Each episode will feature an inspiring chat with a noteworthy Australian creative, from prolific freelance designers, artists and makers, to successful creative entrepreneurs, notable architects, and even city-designers who have helped shape the Australian urban landscape.

TDF Talks is also an enhanced podcast. So, if you’re using the Overcast or Pocket Casts apps, you will see images and links in your player while you listen! You can also simply listen along right here on The Design Files website, and we’ll include all links and further reading here, for every episode.

Our first two episodes are live NOW – find us on Apple Podcasts (formerly known as ‘iTunes Podcasts’ – sheesh, how confusing!), or listen below!

Special thanks to our managing editor Elle Murrell, who has taught herself about five new programs in order to edit, produce and upload this podcast! Thanks, too, to our art director Annie Portelli for the enhanced visuals (yay, a podcast with pictures!). A big thank you to our guru and mentor Jeremy Wortsman at The Jacky Winter Group, and our web developers Pete Brundle and James Sandri at Studio PDA for all their support getting this podcast off the ground!

Lucy Feagins

Last month I popped over to Brunswick to share a cup of tea with one-woman dynamo Beci Orpin. In this candid conversation, Beci shares her wisdom on staying small, being a close-deadline worker, and why she’s still super excited to show up for work each day!


Links + Further Reading

Beci Orpin doesn’t have a website… Find her on Instagram, and you can also suss her illustration folio.

Beci mentions her previous assistants and collaborators, Leah Bartholomew, Alice Oehr and Esther Olsson.

She has written FIVE books: Find me a Castle, Sunshine Spaces, Home, Make and Do, Find and Keep.

We recently published a story about Beci’s family life, at home with her husband Raph and kids Tyke and Ari.

Beci will be joining us tomorrow night, March 22nd for ‘Happiness by Design’, a TDF Talks speaker event at the NGV, for Melbourne Design Week. (Sorry, session now sold out!).

Beci’s Eastland Kids Holiday Program featured weaving workshops by Maryanne Moodie, amongst other collaborators.

We loved Beci’s recent stationery collaboration with Milligram.

Later this month, Beci’s babywear collaboration with Nature Baby will launch.

Mid-year, Beci is collaborating with Carla McRae on an exhibition at Boom Gallery in Geelong.

Check out Beci’s amazing pants by local designer Caitlin Shearer.

Rob Adams is the director of City Design at City of Melbourne. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Rob has been the driving force behind ‘the world’s most liveable city’.


Links + Further Reading

Rob Adams’ new book, Urban Choreography – Central Melbourne 1985– , co-edited by Kim Dovey and Ronald Jones, is out now through Melbourne University Press.

Rob’s recent  ABC radio interview with Jon Faine (where Sigrid Thornton ‘gave him a serve’!)

We’ll be joined by Rob Adam this Friday March 23rd for ‘Happiness by Design’, a TDF Talks speaker event at the NGV, for Melbourne Design Week. (Sorry, session now sold out!).

Postcode 3000is the name given to City of Melbourne’s original masterplan to turn Melbourne into a ’24 hour city’.

The amazing Ian Dryden is Rob’s long-term collaborator at City of Melbourne, responsible for the city’s distinctive industrial design solutions (with his team, Ian has designed all of City of Melbourne’s unique public seating, lighting, magazine kiosks, public amenities and more).

Rob mentions sculptural artwork in Melbourne by Simon Perry.

The Remaking of Melbourne – this recent article by Ray Edgar references Rob’s incredible legacy in Melbourne.

Places For People is a research study that investigates the urban conditions of central Melbourne. It was originally published in 1994, again in 2005, and in 2015.

Rob and his wife enjoy watching The Bridge on SBS!

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