Little Company Opens In Byron Bay

Stacey Burt, of Little Company, believes that your skin is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Following this logic, the new Byron Bay outpost of her beauty and skin care business must be in the very best of health –  the newest Little Company fit-out glows with a light and vitality! (We can feel our sluggish grey winter complexions brighten just looking at this space!)

Stacey describes how she and partner Kent translated the Melbourne business to the new balmy Byron setting, allowing the relaxed ‘feeling’ of the coastal town to gently inform the design of the space.

Lucy Feagins

The Melbourne-born business opens in a new balmy Byron setting. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Owner Stacey Burt has utilised tonal masonry, render and limewash for a light, fresh feeling. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Stacey was eager to use local resources, ethical and sustainable protocols.  Photo – Bobby Clark.

Founder of Little Company Stacey Burt. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Custom Den Holm tiles line the walls of the new space. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Chairs are from Worn store and lighting by Pop and Scott. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Photo – Bobby Clark.

Stacey’s partner Kent ‘hit the streets’ and roamed around Byron hoping to strike vacant property gold. Photo – Bobby Clark.

The space is self-designed and self-built. Photo – Bobby Clark.

Lucy Feagins
30th of July 2018

When Stacey Burt decided to launch a Byron Bay outpost for her highly successful Little Company skincare and wellness business, she had a clear idea of what kind of space she was after. ‘From a function point of view, we wanted something cooler than our Melbourne property, to provide comfort and relief from the warmer Byron climate. Aesthetically we were aiming to utilise tonal masonry, render and limewash for a light, fresh feeling, similar to our Melbourne space’ she describes.

This vision initially proved elusive to pin down on the commercial markets, so Stacey’s partner Kent ‘hit the streets’ and roamed around Byron hoping to strike vacant property gold. In what Stacey describes as ‘true Byron style’ the location was eventually found through a combination of recommendations, referrals, and good luck!

In keeping with her ethos of maintaining equilibrium between inside and outside, Stacey was eager to use local resources, as well as handcrafted elements with a focus on ethical and sustainable protocols.  Byron suppliers provided the chairs (Worn store) and lighting (Pop and Scott), and custom-made Den Holm tiles line the walls. These tiles were made and cut on site using three types of Australian limestone – and HONESTLY, have you ever seen stone presented in such an ethereal and weightless way?

For Stacey, the ‘brand identity is all about beauty from the inside out, meaning our aim is to create a space for guests to read, repair, restore and cultivate living beauty and skin.’ The bones of the warehouse space offer a sense of lightness and openness through the exposed trusses, and Stacey and team have enhanced this tranquil quality through the design and styling decisions throughout.

Stacey highlights the importance of following the ‘Byron feeling’ in their self-designed and self-built space. The ‘artisans, the landscape, the people and the idea of doing things yourself’ directed the build, which was all completed without any drawings!  Stacey explains, ‘we totally winged it!’

Little Company
1/26 Brigantine Street
Byron Bay, New South Wales

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