New from NOMI · Skirt Table and Shuttle Stool

Sydney-based furniture studio, NOMI have just introduced a new, two-fold offering, building on their trailblazing quick-click customisation approach to design.

Co-founder Henry Gresson and designer Tomek Archer take us through the sleek and versatile Skirt Table and Shuttle Stool, envisaged for hospitality and residential projects alike.

Elle Murrell

The new Skirt Table, designed by Tomek Arch for Australian furniture studio NOMI. Photo – Ashley Corbett-Smith. Styling – Jess Eva.

The table pictured with it’s complementary Shuttle Stool. Photo – Ashley Corbett-Smith. Styling – Jess Eva.

the sleek Shuttle Stool is constructed from precise formed wire in Adelaide. Photo – Ashley Corbett-Smith. Styling – Jess Eva.

‘There is a natural synergy between these two designs: the soft edges, flexibility and harmonious design elements,’ tells Tomek. Photo – Ashley Corbett-Smith. Styling – Jess Eva.

Elle Murrell
12th of January 2018

Four years have rolled by since we last highlighted the work of Sydney-based furniture studio, NOMI. Back then, the cornerstone of the  business: the NOMI website, was still in a proof-of-concept phase, as they tested the demand for people to really customise designer furniture, at the click of a button.

‘We learnt a lot through this experiment, mainly that specifying furniture is a very time consuming and complex process,’ reflects Co-founder Henry Gresson. ‘We also discovered that primary demand was coming from interior designers, architects and design-conscious consumers looking to add their own personal touch to their projects.’

With new insight into the market, Henry and his co-founders relaunched NOMI in 2017 as furniture specification platform (NOMI II), integrating design options with snazzy manufacturing software to deliver real-time customisation. (Think thousands of Dulux powder-coated custom colours at your click!). The way Henry outlines the benefits of their approach, it’s easy to see that the how of buying furniture is just important at NOMI as what is being bought. 

The literal centrepiece of NOMI’s most recent range is the versatile Skirt Table, envisaged to grace distinctive cafes and bars, as well as contemporary homes. Like its partnering Shuttle Stool, the piece can be tailored to suit any project, and is available in various heights and sizes, with interchangeable table-top materials.

Constructed from precise formed wire in Adelaide, the Shuttle Stool is a sleek yet sturdy take on the stacking stool. ‘The radial corners deliver a softness both visually and to touch,’ says designer Tomek Archer.

NOMI just may be an Australian-designed answer to the multi-national behemoths, with their game-changing efficient customisation, production and transportation models. Stay tuned as they’re set to release more innovative, verstaile designs onto the market later this year.

Find out more about NOMI on the studio’s website, here.

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