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Nicolette Johnson · New Ceramics


Some of the most interesting ceramics we’ve seen lately are by Brisbane-based ceramic artist Nicolette Johnson.

With their bold silhouettes, striking symmetry and unexpected handle shapes, Nicolette’s vessels offer a contemporary take on ancient forms.


11th August, 2017

‘Funnel Vase’ is among new ceramics by the Brisbane-based ceramicist Nicolette Johnson. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

Since we last caught up with Nicolette, she’s been refining her throwing and glazing techniques. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

‘I am still drawn to clean lines and interesting shapes, but I am now working more on incorporating elements of surprise and play into my pieces,’ she tells. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

‘Balance Vase’ by the Brisbane-based ceramic artist. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

‘I love their simplicity and the way they speak to each other in groupings,’ Nicolette explains of this trio. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

‘Classic Vase’ by Nicolette. Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

What an ikebana vessel! Photo – Nicolette Johnson.

Lucy Feagins
Friday 11th August 2017

Since we last featured Brisbane based ceramic artist Nicolette Johnson, she’s been dedicated to refining her throwing and glazing techniques, and creating cohesive bodies of work. ‘I am still drawn to clean lines and interesting shapes, but I am now working more on incorporating elements of surprise and play into my pieces,’ the artist says.

Incredibly, Nicolette only took up ceramics in 2015, but with an intuitive talent for throwing on the wheel, the young maker has quickly developed a distinctive style. Her pieces are strikingly contemporary – yet at the same time, appear as if they could be relics from another era.

Nicolette still considers herself an ‘emerging artist’, and feels grateful for the encouragement of Brisbane’s wider community of potters and ceramicists as she has begun to develop her practice.

Though each of her pieces is intended to be functional, these days Nicolette’s creative output teeters that fine line between craft and art. ‘I generally don’t enjoy making the same piece more than once,’ the maker confesses.

Nicolette Johnson has a pop-up exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art opening Friday, October 20th. She will also be auctioning off some special Symbol Vases in October for Makers 4 Refugees, which donates all proceeds to the Help Refugees organisation.

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