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Tips on Motivating Teams

This afternoon we take two minutes with two incredibly accomplished creative professionals: Amanda Henderson of Gloss Creative, and Berry Liberman of Small Giants.

Both leaders of trailblazing creative enterprises, Berry and Amanda share food-for-thought on motivating their respective teams.

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Photo – Caitlin Mills for The Design Files.

Amanda Henderson, Gloss Creative

‘Knowing as a collective that we are going to do something beyond where we are is somewhat magical,’ begins Amanda Henderson the founder and Creative Director of Melbourne’s visual-merchandising phenomenon Gloss Creative.

For Amanda, inclusion is paramount to a collective’s success. ‘Make sure everyone’s included in the project from beginning to end, and sharing of information is vital –no information keepers!’ she guides. ‘There is nothing more special than working with diverse talents on ground-breaking projects; there have been so many incredible people working with us over the years, and their skills and amazing personalities keep us all inspired.’

Running a firm that creates ‘temporary and enduring visual emotion’, such as scenography and sets for fashion and luxury markets, Amanda also sees the value in a change of scenery for maintaining motivation and a stream of creative inspiration. ‘Our team loves getting out of the studio on site visits, supplier visits and anything fashion related – we are culture vultures!’

Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

Photo – Eve Wilson for The Design Files.

Berry Liberman, Small Giants

For Berry Liberman, co-founder and Creative Director of Small Giants, good team work is everything. She believes that if what you are doing aligns with who you are and is contributing to the world in a meaningful way, then every day feels purposeful – and those all around you, including working with you, will notice. ‘Our work is focused on triple bottom-line outcomes, meaning that everything we do creates equal returns for People the Planet and Profit; this is the fundamental inspiration for us all!’ she tells.

Also the Publisher and Editor of Dumbo Feather, Conscious Company magazine, and involved in cultural centre The School of Life (Melbourne), Berry gives significant attention to physical work environments, and the moods they can foster. ‘We work from a beautiful space, with art on the walls, fresh flowers, an abundant garden, natural light and regular shared meals around the table,’ details Berry.

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