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It’s no secret we have a healthy obsession with all things GREEN, and local studio Ivy Muse have just the designs to show off and sustain lush house plants.

Today, Ivy Muse co-founders Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal give us the first look at their brand new range of botanical accessories, Sanctuary. 

Elle Murrell

Designs from Ivy Muse’s new Sanctuary collection styled in a home setting. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

The collection features plant stands, holders, stakes, pots, a stake and a table. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

The collection features plant stands, holders, stakes, pots, a stake and a table. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

For this collection, Ivy Muse teamed up with TDF fave, Robert Gordon Pottery, who now makes all of the Ivy Muse ceramic pots. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

The pieces are designed to be flexible and multi-functional. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

Detail of designs from Sanctuary. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

‘We try not to overthink things and really just follow our heart; if it feels right we go for it,’ says Jacqui on designing. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

Elle Murrell
31st of January 2017

After launching Ivy Muse in 2014, stylist Alana Langan and art seller Jacqui Vidal extended their business last year with the opening of their ‘Botanical Emporium’ – a tranquil haven of a retail showroom in Melbourne’s Armadale, designed to showcase a diverse range of botanical wares and accessories, including their own super popular locally made plant stands. Since then, they’ve dived into fruitful plant-themed collaborations with a number of local makers and artists.

Sanctuary is Ivy Muses’s latest offering – comprising a range of new plant accessories, including Melbourne-made plant stands, holders, stakes, pots, a stake and a table. ‘We really took inspiration from the idea of creating a ‘sanctuary’ to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with plants and their ability to enliven and transform our homes,’ explains Jacqui.

Jacqui and Alana have designed their pieces not just to be pretty additions, but to help plants thrive. For instance, the top ring of the two-tied Comet stand can act as a support for plants, like Monstera or Philodendrons, whilst the Plant Stake not only supports as you’d expect, but showcases the verticality of trailing plants. ‘Everything we design is underpinned by our goal, to encourage people to “get creative with their greenery!”’ explains Jacqui.

Ivy Muse is confident that the house-plant-mania is here to stay. ‘The trend has changed and grown as more people cotton onto the wonders of keeping houseplants,’ says Alana. ‘They offer so many benefits, not only to our health but to our wellbeing. There’s a growing movement to healthier living and plants really are a part of that.’

The key to pulling house plants off successfully? Pay attention! ‘Check in on them every couple of days at least and you’ll not only learn a tonne about them but you’ll be able to stay on top of any potential issues that arise,’ advises Jacqui. ‘Also, it really does come down to whether the plant will thrive in that location. There’s no good styling a beautiful scene with plants to have them unhappy and dying two weeks later!’ – Guilty… But now reformed!

Ivy Muse’s Sanctuary collection is available online  now!  Artworks by one of our fave local artists, Elizabeth Barnett, will also be exhibited in store at Botanical Emporium from February 9th.

Ivy Muse designs bring greenery into the home. Photo – Annette O’Brien.

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