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Matt Ropiha is passionate about two things: making furniture, and his local suburb of Preston.  He’s combined the two with the launch of his furniture business, based from his backyard studio in Preston – a neighbourhood dubbed ‘Porktown’ in the early 19th century.

Porktown MFG offers a range of customisable tables created using timber and steel, as well as a bespoke furniture making service.

Lisa Marie Corso

Porktown MFG table, paired with chairs by Dowel Jones. Styling – Beckie Littler. Photo – Annette O’Brien

Porktown MFG desk with drawers. Styling – Beckie Littler. Photo – Annette O’Brien

Stools by Porktown MFG. Styling – Beckie Littler. Photo – Annette O’Brien

Porktown MFG table paired with Redfox & Wilcox stools. Styling – Beckie Littler. Photo – Annette O’Brien

Lisa Marie Corso
28th of June 2016

Matt Ropiha is the mayor of Porktown, a furniture making business that he runs out of his Preston workshop. Historically ‘Porktown’ was the nickname given to Preston in the early 19th century, when the suburb was home to Victoria’s first bacon factory. Matt loved this story about his locale, and the name stuck.

With a background as a tradesman, it wasn’t until Matt and his wife moved into their first home five years ago that he was prompted to start making furniture. He went on to launch his own furniture business just under two years ago, specialising in custom-made tables built using sustainably sourced timber. He now makes a core range of customisable tables, while also undertaking bespoke furniture commissions.

Inspired by the simplicity and precision of mid century design, Matt says it’s his aim to make pieces that are long lasting and timeless. All woodwork and steel fabrication is completed by Matt in his Preston studio. ‘I’m not interested in pumping out volume,’ he says, ‘I just want to build quality custom pieces.’

For more information about Porktown’s furniture range, visit their website here.

Porktown MFG table and bench seating. Styling – Beckie Littler. Photo – Annette O’Brien

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