Plyroom is a versatile plywood furniture collection, created by Melbourne based Elise Heslop.

Driven by the idea of paring back essentials, and living more simply, Plyroom offers a mix of pieces – some designed and made in Melbourne, some designed here and made in Italy, as well as a handful of original plywood pieces designed by other makers in Europe.

Today we reveal Plyroom’s latest multifunctional designs, alongside a few old favourites.

Lucy Feagins

Various storage pieces from Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

Plyroom coffee table.  Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

The ‘Ava’ cot by Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

The ‘Ava’ cot by Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

The ‘Ava’ cot by Playroom converts into a sleek junior desk. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

A4 drawers by Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis, photo – Lauren Bamford.

New ‘Little Nest’ wall cabinet from Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

Tavolone dining table from Plyroom. Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

Lucy Feagins
20th of June 2016

Around this time last year we introduced Plyroom, a versatile plywood furniture range, founded by Melbourne based Elise Heslop. Plyroom was originally inspired by time Elise spent living overseas with her family. Living with just the bare essentials inspired her to design a range of multipurpose furniture for small spaces.

‘I founded Plyroom whilst living in Italy with my family in 2013’ Elise says. ‘Apartment living as a family was a new concept for me, and it really highlighted the value of well designed, flexible furniture with a small footprint.’

The last 6 months have been super busy for Plyroom. Elise has moved the business into a new showroom/warehouse space in Northcote, which she shares with likeminded local homewares label Sage & Clare (who we also recently featured!). Having a dedicated space to show her collection to clients, and to bounce ideas around with fellow creatives has been a major turning point for Elise’s business. ‘It beats working from the kitchen table!’ she says.

Plyroom’s furniture collection has grown in the past twelve months, with a number of new pieces in the lineup. The newest additions include the ‘Oh’ cylindrical side table in black. ‘I’m really excited by this piece!’ Elise says. ‘The dark finish is new for us, and I love the way it accentuates the timber grain’.

The Nest Series is another new addition, incorporating both the Big Nest and Little Nest wall cabinets. The Little Nest is perfect for bedside storage, or wall mounted shelves in a kitchen or bathroom, whilst The Big Nest works as hallway storage, in an office, or as a TV unit. ‘These pieces really embody what Plyroom stands for – simplicity & flexibility, front and centre’ Elise says.

Plyroom pieces are available online, or at selected stockists listed here.

Styling –  Stephanie Stamatis. Photo – Lauren Bamford.

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