Alphabet Family Journal

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
2nd of June 2014
Alphabet Family Journal, a new independent magazine about family, created by Sydney based photographer Luisa Brimble.
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal, out this month!
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal.
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal.
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal .
I've no doubt that if you're an Australia-based creative blog reader / social media enthusiast, you must already have heard whispers about Alphabet Family Journal.  This beautiful new independent magazine has been a labour of love for Sydney based photographer Luisa Brimble since the concept first came to her three years ago.  After some time developing her ideas, Luisa spent eighteen months looking for an editor who shared her vision.  Her search ended in Indianapolis, USA, with Sarah Suksiri, a writer, editor and sometime contributor to Kinfolk magazine and The Indiana Review.  From here, Sarah and Luisa began their quest to find writers and photographers to contribute to 'Issue A'.  They also joined forces with amazing Sydney based illustrator and book designer Evi O (who has designed many beautiful titles for the Lantern imprint at Penguin, including Things I Love by Megan Morton, Edible Garden Design by Jamie Durie and many more).  This month, these three talented ladies have will release their much anticipated project - a new kind of magazine about home and family. 'The concept for Alphabet Family Journal first came to me about three years ago, after I gave birth to my youngest daughter Poppy' explains Luisa. 'I began to notice that parenting and family magazines seemed so focussed on either the perfection of family life, or how to ‘fit’ having a family into our hectic lifestyles. But there wasn’t a magazine that talked about the realities of what it means to have a family or to make a home together'. Luisa began dreaming about the possibilities of a publication that celebrated a family just ‘being’ - touching on the simplicity of home, and the wonder and memories created from ordinary everyday family life.  These themes are the essence of Alphabet Family Journal. Alphabet Family Journal offers a glimpse into the lives of a variety of modern families, in all their shapes and sizes.  'Each issue features themes that begin with a letter of the alphabet' explains Luisa. 'In Issue A, our contributors take us to the Apple Isle, reflect on Art and Aesthetics, tell us about their experiences with Adoption, celebrate an Anniversary, and more'.  Personal essay-style stories from both established and emerging writers are accompanied by beautiful, moody images captured by over 30 talented photographers from across the globe. Alphabet Family Journal Issue A is the product of 26 writers, 31 photographers, 4 artists and and editorial team of 13 across 4 continents!  'Some are emerging writers or photographers, some are bloggers, others are seasoned professionals' says Luisa. 'All our contributors share a mission to celebrate the messes and miracles of what it's like to find, grow, and be a part of a family'. Alphabet Family Journal retails for $25 AUD.  The magazine will officially release on June 11th, however you can order your copy online now. (Those who generously supported AFJ via their hugely successful Kickstarter campaign last year should already have received their copies!).  The magazine will also be stocked at Magnation, Oscar & Friends (Surry Hills, Sydney), Beautiful Pages (Paddington, Sydney) and Kunstler (Brisbane) from June 11. TOP WORK PEOPLE!  So inspiring. Alphabet-pots
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal out this month!
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal.
Pages from the launch issue of Alphabet Family Journal.

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