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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
21st of April 2014
Storage Unit by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
Storage unit by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
Book Rest by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
Bike Rest by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
WORK-SHOP by MGDC is a Brisbane-based creative collaboration between partners Georgina Goddard and Morgwn Wilkie.  Morgwn is a registered builder with over 20 years experience in his hometown of Byron Bay, whilst Georgina is a NSW registered architect.  The pair have been together for 10 years. Georgina and Morgwn first joined forces professionally in 2006, running a successful residential architecture and construction business called MGDC (Morgwn and George Design + Construct), building amazing beach houses and boutique commercial projects in and around northern NSW.  However, in 2011, the pair were ready for a change.  They decided to take a professional sabbatical, stepping away from their business, swapping all their possessions for a sloop rig yacht named Arté (!), and undertaking a two year sailing trip between Brisbane and the Whitsundays. WOW! Nothing like a change of scenery to clarify direction, provide new inspiration and re-energise!  'We explored the Queensland coast for nearly two years, all the while researching and setting plans for Work-Shop by MGDC, and the next stage of our careers together' says Georgina. Last year, they were finally ready to embark on their next challenge, so they returned to dry land, settling in Brisbane. Georgina and Morgwn's new venture is WORK-SHOP BY MGDC, a project which draws on each of their previous careers in design, manufacturing and making.  From their new workshop and showroom in Newstead, Brisbane, they work together to develop and manufacture a range of contemporary, affordable furniture and lighting. Their range is characterised by clean lines and pared back forms 'every element of the design is tried and tested to form a refined piece, skipping ornament in favour of simplicity and functionality' says Georgina.  Very tidy! The full WORK-SHOP BY MGDC range can be viewed and purchased online, or from their showroom in Brisbane.  They'll also be exhibiting at DesignEx in Sydney next month! WORK-SHOP BY MGDC 16 Austin Street Newstead QLD Showroom open Wednesday to Sunday 10.00am - 6.00pm or by appointment Work-shop5
Book Rest by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
Book Rest by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott
Key Rest by Work-Shop by MGDC. Photo - Toby Scott

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