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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
28th of January 2014
The 'Fruit Ninja' series - a homewares collection inspired by the textures of fruit, designed by Mathery and handmade in Melbourne.
The 'Fruit Ninja' series - top - Orange Jar, bottom - Melon Coasters.
The 'Fruit Ninja' series - Pineapple Punch Bowl.
Aside from our obvious affection around here for all things beautiful, we also have a serious soft spot for all things lighthearted, slightly ridiculous and/or quirky.  Today's find I think falls a little in this category! Fruit Ninja is a homewares collection designed by Italian-born, Melbourne based duo Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli of design studio Mathery, and handmade in Melbourne.  The collection is inspired by the natural texture of various fruit, combining novelty with a weird sense of familiarity! The Fruit Ninja range includes the Orange Jar, Avocado Vase, Banana Bowl, Rock Melon Coasters and Pineapple Punch Bowl.  Each vessel is made from resin, created using a unique mould made from real fruit peel!  Erika and Matteo create their moulds by painstakingly slicing fruit into geometric shapes, then reassembling the skin to create the shapes you see above. Erika and Matteo met in 2009 while both studying a Bachelor of Product Design at NABA in Milan. Their first successful project together was this blog, which they began in 2010. The concept was simple: to create an object a day for 100 days, that could satisfy a need. 'It could be something really simple, or an unusual mix of materials that we had given new functions' explains Matteo.  It wasn't long before this humble little Tumblr page reached more than 6000 visits per day, propelling Matteo and Erika a little more into the spotlight than they had imagined! After completing their university course, Erika and Matteo launched their design studio, Mathery, in Milan.  They began running a weekly DIY column for ING Direct bank, collaborated with the Milan/NY-based studio Accurat, and even designed their own eyewear collection!  'There have been good and bad moments, but our determination, boldness and explorative nature have brought us to where we are now' they say. After working in Milan for a year, this industrious pair felt that it was time to move elsewhere. 'We weren’t looking for a 'product designer's mecca', in fact probably the exact opposite' they explain. 'We wanted to put ourselves in a completely different situation and step outside our comfort zones'.  And so a global tour commenced, first stop Asia, and then the Australian outback, where the pair enjoyed a wild eight month abstention from all things 'design'!  After this, they settled in Melbourne, where they say they finally felt ready to 'consciously look at our experiences and to start making something of it!' Mathery's Fruit Ninja series is available in Melbourne and the NGV gift shop and Mr Kitly, and online here.
The 'Fruit Ninja' series - Avocado Vase.
The 'Fruit Ninja' series multi-coloured vessels.

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