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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
10th of December 2013
Brand new French inspired leather lockets, complete with miniature custom charms by Jen Booth.
Brand new French inspired laser cut shapes / keyrings by Jen Booth.
Over the past couple of weeks I have had the very good fortune of being reunited with a dear friend, Jen Booth, who has recently returned from a year in France.  LUCKILY for us (and many of you), Jen Booth arrived home JUST IN TIME to join our team for TDF Open House in both Melbourne and Sydney!  If you visited Sydney Open House this past weekend you may recall one particularly friendly smiling face welcoming guests at the front door - that's our Jen!  She is truly the rosiest ray of sunshine! I'm sure most of you will also recall Jen Booth's tiny leather lockets and ‘largeish' leather locket handbags, which we have covered here over the past year or so.  This sweet range of handcrafted leather accessories is designed by Jen and handmade in Sydney, complete with super cute charms and other custom made embellishments - the perfect quirky finishing touch! Since working alongside Jen over the past week or so, I noticed she was sporting a few brand new designs inspired by her recent year abroad.  This new series incorporates custom laser-cut charms with a uniquely French flavour, including escargot, croissant and pink langoustine (lobster!).  These fun cut-out shapes form the basis of Jen's brand new range of bags, purse pouches, necklaces, charm bracelets, key rings and wall hangings.  It is all so FREAKING CUTE... you really can't go wrong with miniature croissants in any format. Jen's new range comes in the best range of Frenchy-chic colours and patterns including metallic gold, navy blue cowhide, polka dot and of course blue and white stripe!  I want pretty much EVERYTHING, but if I really had to choose I think I'd settle for just the metallic gold purse with perfect peachy 'langostine'  claw charm.  Killer!  With prices starting at $15.00 for a keyring we're also in perfect Christmas gifting territory - do pop over for a browse in Jen's online shop.
Brand new French inspired Large-ish leather lockets (i.e. handbags) by Jen Booth.

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