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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
22nd of October 2013
Heart Shelf in white by Bride&Wolfe.  Photo - Hugh Peachey.
Heart Shelf in powder blue by Bride&Wolfe.  Photo - Hugh Peachey.
We've long admired those sweet bentwood circular timber hanging shelves from Melbourne brand Bride&Wolfe (you know the ones), so we were very keen to see their newest range - a slightly more quirky collection of heart-shaped shelves, formed in paperthin steel, and powdercoated in a great variety of colours. A sweet re-imagining of Bride&Wolfe's popular circle shelf, the new heart shelf is inspired by a cake tin!  'Seriously, I found this beautiful 1940’s heart-shaped cake tin at a market in Paris, and bought it to hang on the wall' explains Miranda Moreira, founder and designer at Bride&Wolfe.  'It’s one of my favourite possessions, and has been a wall feature wherever I’ve lived.  After all these years it was such a simple connection to make!'  In pink, mint or powder blue they are perfect little girls' room fodder... but in white, yellow or persimmon, I reckon this simple, versatile piece would make the sweetest addition to any bathroom, laundry or workspace. Founded in 2005 by Melbourne based creative Miranda Moreira, Bride&Wolfe has quite an entertaining backstory which I will try my very best to summarise succinctly!  After studying fine art in Melbourne, Miranda was keen to explore a slightly more vocational career, and undertook an apprenticeship with Greg Malouf.  In 1999, upon completing her training, she set off for Europe, where, after a time working as a chef in London, she was introduced to French actor Gerard Depardieu.  Within weeks she had relocated to Paris, and was employed as Gerard’s private chef for the next six years! (I am not making this up!).  'It was such a unique experience of French culture' says Miranda. 'I learnt French quickly and my working life involved making dinners and conversation with film directors, actors and writers'. This high cultural influence was a great contrast to Miranda's own personal experience of Paris, wandering the city streets, camera in hand, finding treasure in flea markets and just soaking everything in. 'I was still pursuing my art, making paintings, sculptures and collages, working from an old printmaking atelier in the 11tharrondissiment' says Miranda of this formative time. 'I knew I’d eventually move home to Melbourne and couldn’t see myself as a chef forever, as much as I enjoyed it' And so this is where the concept for Bride&Wolfe first surfaced, whilst Miranda was living in Paris and imagining a working life back in Australia, creating beautiful and personal objects for people’s homes.  'Of course current things in my life influence the work, but I’ve still kept my diaries from Paris, full of sketches and plans for Bride&Wolfe' says Miranda, who returned to Melbourne eight years ago. All Bride&Wolfe products are all designed by Miranda Moreira in her Thornbury studio, and are 100% made in Melbourne.  Miranda's range of hanging shelves and intricate laser-cut timber wallhangings and sculptures can be spotted at numerous stockists nationally (listed here) or purchased online here!
Heart Shelf in yellow by Bride&Wolfe.  Photo - Hugh Peachey.

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