20 Great Dining Chairs

Simone Haag
Simone Haag
2nd of September 2013
Our main goal with our monthly Hunt / Gather column is to offer properly helpful product recommendations - things every household needs at some point or another, but which can be a little difficult to source unless you know where to start!  Dining chairs can be surprisingly tricky - there's a lot of 'same same' going on in this category, and whilst of course I do love a classic bentwood as much as the next person, it's great to see a few unexpected alternatives in the mix below!   Simone has sourced 20 great chairs, there are SO many amazing options here, from mid century classics to contemporary pieces, and a good edit Australian-made designs included too. With a price range that spans from $99 to $3379 (yes, for one chair!!), we've got all bases covered!  Lucy x
Hunt / Gather: 20 Great Dining Chairs product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.
Anyone with an interest in design would at some stage have had a love affair with a chair. At Hecker Guthrie we know this feeling all too well - we become obsessed with a new chair almost daily! So in this round up we wanted to share a really nice cross section of chairs, which includes everything from mid century classics to everyday affordable options, with a strong edit of Australian-made options in the mix too. We hope you find the one for you! – Simone.  1. No.B9 Le Corbusier armchair from Thonet ($511.00 AUD) – There is not much to say about the No.B9 Le Corbusier chair other than it is elegant, classic and undeniably appropriate in almost any space. 2. Butterfly chair by Ercol from Temperature Designs ($830.00 AUD) – The Ercol Butterfly chair is of English origins. Launched in 1958, it is as equally relevant today as it was back then. We love it in the mint! 3. Bento chair by One Nordic from Distric 246 ($from 600.00 + gst AUD) – One Nordic Bento chair is founded on Scandinavian design ideologies, while embracing easy assembly and DIY playfulness. It comes flat packed and can be assembled in four-steps. 4. IKEA PS 2012 from IKEA ($99.00 AUD) – The aim of the Hunt / Gather column is to provide a broad range of options that suit a variety of budgets, and frankly it doesn’t get more affordable than IKEA. We love the shaker qualities of the PS 2012 chair. Ebba Strandmark designed it with comfort and quality in mind, as detailed in the chair's high-strapped back and arm rests. 5. Pelleossa chair by Miniforms from Café Culture ($657.80) – Contrary to what its name suggests, Café Culture sells a swoon worthy range of dining chairs, including the Pelleossa chair by Miniforms that we particularly love. Available with or without arms, this chair has a lovely fineness to it and is inspired by some of the great Italian classics.
Hunt / Gather: 20 Great Dining Chairs product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.
6. Navy chair by Jardan ($775.00 AUD) – Jardan’s newest member of the family is the Navy dining chair. They describe it as ‘modern with traditional craftsmanship’. 7. Butter chair by DesignByThem ($695.00 AUD) – The Butter chair is made in Australia from 100% post consumer recyclables, derived almost entirely from recycled milk containers. That makes it one of the most ethically produced chairs we could find, and also means an added bonus - it's suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. DesignByThem and also offers a product stewardship program, taking back chairs to be repaired, reused or recycled. 8. Fable chair by Ross Didier ($442.00 AUD) – The Fable chair is one sixth of a range of essential items inspired by children’s tales designed by all round nice guy, Melbourne-based Ross Didier. 9. Jake chair by Koskela ($440.00 AUD) – The Jake chair from the team at Koskela in Sydney presents a glorious combination of limewashed timber and a veritable rainbow of powder coat colours. Just to keep it all a bit off kilter, there is a bit of mismatchy happening with the legs! 10. Dining Chair #107 by Tony Parker from Workshopped ($899.00 AUD + fabric) – Workshopped in Sydney have recently secured a relationship with Covemore Designs to reintroduce selected pieces from the mid century range designed by Tony Parker. Dining chair #107 is one such piece from an exciting collection of furniture, which for many is a bit of a blast from the past.
Hunt / Gather: 20 Great Dining Chairs product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.
11. Cab chair by Mario Bellini for Cassina from Corporate Culture ($3360.00 AUD) The Cab chair is one of the most significant chair designs of the 20th Century. Its beauty lies in its sculptural form, the singularity of finish, the quality of the saddle leather and the exposed stitch work. Oh and did we mention it is also outstandingly comfortable?! 12. Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen from Corporate Culture ($2790.00 AUD) – Designed by Arne Jacobsen and produced by Fritz Hansen, this chair would have to be up there in the list of Denmark’s greatest exports. A recent study trip saw Hecker Guthrie director Hamish Guthrie visit the factory where this chair is produced, and as a result, his appreciation of this chair has been further heightened. 13. CH20 Elbow chair by Hans Wegner for Carl Hansen + Son from Corporate Culture ($1395.00 AUD) – The Elbow chair was designed by Hans Wegner in 1956 and is in production by Carl Hansen + Son. Coined the CH20, this wooden stackable chair certainly embodies Wegner’s ideology and skill for craft and minimalism. 14. Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti for Cassina from Corporate Culture ($3376.00 AUD) – Design maestro Gio Ponti designed the Superleggera chair back in 1957 under the premise that it was so strong, yet so light that a child could lift it with one finger. Light it is, and it is still relevant in today's design scene. It also happens to be Paul Hecker’s favourite chair of all time! 15. Pocket chair by Discipline from Stylecraft ($2835.00 + gst AUD) – The Pocket chair by Discipline is fabulous as it bridges the gap between dining chair and lounge chair. Discipline is new to the market straight from Europe, and according to Stylecraft (Discipline's exclusive Australian stockist) the range is going absolutely gangbusters. It seems none of us can get enough of this tan leather thing! 16. No.18 Thonet by Thonet ($368.00 AUD) – Still one of the most affordable classics, the No.18 Thonet is available in a variety of finishes, but we like it best in black or white with a contrasting 'sock'! 17. Tom Dixon Peg Chair from Dedece - The Peg chair by revered self-taught British designer Tom Dixon is inspired by Japanese architecture. It also happens to be one of Hamish's favourite chairs! 18. Fritz dining chair by Freedom ($129.00 AUD) – This simple chair from Freedom presents an affordable alternative. We love it's contemporary shape and singularity of material. 19. SixE dining chair by Pearson Llyod for Howe from Living Edge ($476.00 AUD) – This modest stacking chair is named SixE in reference to the six Es that define its six key characteristics, which include: Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic and Ease of handling. What more could you want in a dining chair? 20. Eames Moulded Plywood dining chair by Herman Miller from Living Edge (from $1136.00 AUD) – A veritable classic, the Eames moulded plywood dining chair is boldly original and enduringly charming. For more inspiration from the clever team at Hecker Guthrie, be sure to check out their website – such an insanely impressive portfolio of work. You can also follow Simone's personal blog here.

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