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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
1st of August 2013
The gorgeous Brisbane retail showroom of Everingham & Watson! Photo - Toby Scott.
Everingham & Watson.  Photo - Toby Scott.
Susie Everingham and Liz Watson of Everingham & Watson.  Photo - Toby Scott.
Today we're venturing North, with a gorgeous new-ish retail showroom which you must put on your radar next time you're in Brisbane!  (Brisbane locals, I've no doubt are probably already all over it!). Everingham & Watson is a collaboration between long time friends Susie Everingham and Liz Watson.   From backgrounds in law and fine art /graphic design respectively, this industrious pair joined forces initially with a pop-up store in Woolloongabba, Brisbane in late 2011.  This temporary project was inspired heavily by an 'Australiana' vibe, with a curated selection of gifts, homewares and vintage pieces, as well as Everingham & Watson's own fledgling range of products - tea towels, chalkboards, jewellery and stationery. 'The response was phenomenal - we completely sold out of everything and closed up shop early!' says Liz.  The pair quickly realised that they really enjoyed working together, and that this little project had legs! Things rolled on pretty quickly from there. Everingham & Watson launched their online store in June 2012, which has been a great success, and through interstate design markets such as The Finders Keepers, they've been able to grow their business and discover likeminded creatives to collaborate with. In May this year, Susie and Liz took another great leap - opening the doors to their very own little retail showroom in Newstead, an industrial suburb near the Brisbane CBD. The space serves as a showcase for Everingham & Watson's own range, as well as a bunch of other carefully selected homewares and accessories to complement their own range.  It's open to the public only on Thursdays and Fridays at this stage, or by appointment at other times. I love the uniquely 'Australian' sentiment in Susie and Liz's designs.  'We love our country, our unique lifestyle, and the Australian laidback vibe' says Liz, when asked what has inspired the Everingham & Watson aesthetic. 'The sense of humour, the she’ll-be-right attitude... and we love the big things!  The pineapple, the prawn, the banana – these are our shrines! We are Queenslanders, after all!'.   It goes without saying that all Everingham & Watson products are made in Australia. Everingham & Watson are launching their wholesale collection at Life Instyle in Melbourne this week. Everingham & Watson 28 Helen Street Newstead, QLD Open Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 5.00pm, or by appointment.
Everingham & Watson retail showroom.  Photo - Toby Scott.
Everingham & Watson retail showroom.  Photo - Toby Scott.

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