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All Things Rope


24th June, 2013
Simone Haag
Monday 24th June 2013


I can't believe a month has already passed since we introduced TDF's first ever monthly columnist!  Today, Simone Haag from Melbourne design studio Hecker Guthrie is back with an inspired new round-up of product finds for us.  This time we're shining the spotlight on all things rope - as we really can’t ignore this rope thing that seems to be popping up everywhere you look right now!  Sim has rounded up a fantastic edit of rope-inspired finds from her favourite local suppliers and online shops.  We had lovely feedback from her first post so THANKYOU all for welcoming her so graciously.  Enjoy! - Lucy

All Things Rope – product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.

The Hecker Guthrie team are back in the Hunt / Gather hot seat today, where this month we're following on from last month's leather edition with another material-centric post. This time we're shining the spotlight on all things rope, as we really can’t ignore this rope thing that is going on everywhere you look right now!

Whilst there are a few iconic pieces of furniture that embrace the charm of this versatile material, such as the Campana Brothers' Vermelha chair (which, incidentally, was one of the first pieces Paul and Hamish bought for the studio), we have tried to keep today's collection within arm’s reach - well almost… perhaps with the exception of the Lindsay Adelman pendant!

As a studio, we have a penchant for using natural materials - it is a common reference found in much of our work. We took great delight in the introducing some macramé madness to a new retail store Australian fashion brand Metalicus, and more recently we selected Dani Marti artworks (Arc 1 gallery) made from rope in the display suite for the Evie apartments in Melbourne. It is also soon to play heavily within the scheme for a beach side café we're working on in Perth.

The first time I personally noticed rope in an interior space was in The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs.  Since noticing that crazy constellation at The Ace, I seem to be spotting rope accents everywhere - they've slowly but surely been filtering into interior spaces and homewares alike.

Today's product edit taps into some of our favourite local suppliers as well as some great online stores.  We hope you like the roundup we have gathered! – Simone

1. Rope frames by Dollinger & Fléveau from Soonsalon (from €129.00 to €299.00) – We like this range of frames as they bridge the gap between pretty vs practical, with just a touch of Little House on the Prairie!

2. Hand painted rope vessels by Gemma Patford (from $15.00 to $55.00) – Avid TDF readers would have already come across these rope creations in Lucy’s previous post. We love an object when we can relate to its story. Local maker Gemma Patford has the balance just right with this handcrafted collection of rope vessels - we particularly love the mix of rope and watercolour.

3. Rope birdfeeder by Pigeontoe ($74.00 USD) – While shown here as a bird feeder, this ceramic/rope/copper object works even better for hanging plants!

4. Marine rope mat by SerpentSea from Safari Living ($306.00 AUD) – We recently discovered the glorious work of New York based Sophie Aschauer, who started making mats out of marine rope after a sailing trip to Nantucket! Her mats are almost too nice to walk on.

5. Knot chair by Normann Copenhagen from Great Dane ($695.00 AUD) – A more restrained use of rope accents here, but we were keen to include Normann Copenhagen's elegant Knot chair because it is a favourite chair of Paul Hecker and Hamish Guthrie - they like to fight over who will get one first.

All Things Rope – product edit by Simone Haag / Hecker Guthrie, layout by Jess Lillico.

6. Dip dyed tassel by Ouch Flower from The Minimalist ($44.00 AUD) – This tassel design came about when Melbourne based Pippa Taylor, Ouch Flower's creator, wondered what to do with left over macramé twine. This object ticks two boxes for us, it finds a way of creatively using a byproduct to make another beautiful item, and it embraces two very current trends of rope and dip dye!

7. Pier rope mirror from Freedom ($149.00 AUD) – This mirror was an obvious inclusion for us as it is a well priced, simple and timeless. It would work wonderfully at home in a bathroom or powder room, or in a beach house on a timber panelled wall.

8. Knotty bubbles light pendant by Lindsey Adelman for Roll and Hill ($4,700.00 USD, also available from Space Furniture) – This pendant is the most aspirational item in the round up - a truly breath-taking piece from the Lindsay Adelman studio in New York.  These lights transcend traditional lighting, they really are almost work of art on their own.

9. Reality coil rope bowl and vase by Areaware from dedece+ ($69.50 AUD for bowl and $100.00 AUD for vase) – Areaware have taken this humble material and mixed it up by plating it in a metallic finish. This is the perfect bowl for keys and wallets as you enter the front door, and the vase is great for storing household knick knacks such as kitchen utensils or stationery.

10. Hawla bag by Doug Johnston from Safari Living ($260.00 AUD) – I am biased with this one as I was lucky enough to win one of these from Safari living when Megan Morton's The School roadshow came to Melbourne recently! They are slightly more refined in their approach than other similar items we've seen, and have one hundred and one uses. I hope Doug won’t be offended that I use mine to store my toilet rolls!

For more inspiration from the clever team at Hecker Guthrie, be sure to check out their website – such an insanely impressive portfolio of work. You can also follow Simone's personal blog here.

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