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Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
26th of March 2013
The Amazing Face App by Zoë Foster / Penguin.  Photo - Eve Wilson, styling - Lucy Feagins.
Ever since we interviewed the stupendously clever and gorgeous Zoë Foster last year I have been pretty thrilled to think of Zoë as 'someone I sort of know'.  I am still a huge fan of the delightful Ms Foster, so when this little gem popped into my inbox last week, I just had to share! You may recall Zoë's best selling book, Amazing Face, published in 2011, which is a dense and thoroughly entertaining resource, full of all the make-up tricks and techniques that grown-up women should probably already know, but so very few do.  Zoë, of course, is somewhat of a guru in this field, having spent a decent chunk of her career as beauty editor for Cosmo, Harpers Bazaar, PRIMPED and Mamamia. This month Zoë's best selling book goes digital, with the launch of the seriously brillliant Amazing Face App!  We have taken this little beauty for a test-drive at TDF HQ this week, and I am happy to report it is just as fun and functional as the original book, only without all the pages and stuff. 'Many of the lovely women who bought my Amazing Face beauty book would tell me how much they loved the book, but that they missed it when they were shopping, or traveling, or that it would get wet when they propped it against the bathroom sink as they used it as a makeup or hair guide' explains Zoë.  The solution was clear - a delicious little Amazing Face iPhone App, designed to complement the book. 'Most of the content is 'portable relevant' which is a relatively silly term I just made up that implies it's handy when you're not near your book' says Zoë. There are video and step-by-step photographic how-tos (with mirror/camera wizardry), calm and practical advice for alarming SOS situations like pimples, cold sores and hangovers, must-have products at both online or real life stockists (mapped!), lists to help you create your perfect kit for home/car/travel/work, and our favourite - the bit where you shake your iPhone and a random tip from Zoë pops up!  You can also build your own on-the-go beauty shopping list using the app - a handy alternative to 'that small unreliable part of your brain that remembers things when you are in the shower, but never when you're at the shops', says Zoë! Design-wise, the App is just as juicy and playful as the book, which was a big thing for Zoe, because she was so enamoured with the beautiful work of her original book designer, Allison Colpoys.  We love Allison's work too! 'But, obviously, the kind of intelligent, good-looking dames with terrific taste who read The Design Files will best appreciate this design for themselves, by downloading the Amazing Face App from the App store as soon as possible' says Zoë!  'That's what everyone's saying, anyway....' The Amazing Face App is $4.49 and is available from itunes.  Written by Zoë Foster, produced by Penguin.
The Amazing Face App by Zoë Foster / Penguin.  Photos - Eve Wilson, styling - Lucy Feagins.

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