The Woodsfolk

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
14th of March 2013
The Woodsfolk, a sweet new homewares and gift store, open this week in Hawthorn.  Photo - Brooke Holm.
The Woodsfolk interior.  Love those buttons!  Photo - Brooke Holm.
The Woodsfolk.  Photo - Brooke Holm.
Amber Clohesy of The Woodsfolk.  We also love The Woodsfolk logo, designed by Amber's favourite graphic design agency, Stitch Design in South Carolina. Photo - Brooke Holm.
You might have seen a bit of insta-buzz about new Melbourne store The Woodsfolk lately.  Open just this week, they had a sweet little launch last night, and I broke my self-imposed rule of not leaving the house on a weeknight to check it out... which was lucky because it is SO CUTE! The Woodsfolk comes to us from Amber Clohesy.  She totally knows what she is doing because she already runs a super successful wholesaling company called Down To The Woods, founded in 2009. 'Starting when my youngest daughter Tilda was six months old, I had no idea what I was undertaking and how fast it would grow' recalls Amber of starting Down to the Woods just four years ago.  Amber launched those popular Heico animal lamps in Australia at Life Instyle in Sydney in 2010 -  there was a big fan base for them here already, and she really hit the ground running!  Six months later she launched her own range of felt products - YES this is where the famous Freckle Rug came from, people!  'That's when things got really busy!' says Amber! Although Down to the Woods has been enormously successful and rewarding, it's alway's been Amber's dream to open a shop.  'Our retail store has been on the drawing board for many years, I feel like one of those singers who launches an acting career in order to get their break, one day releasing an album, all the while crying 'no, no I have been a singer all along!' she says!  (BRILLIANT analogy, top marks Amber!).  However, with young kids at home, Amber was originally encouraged by family to launch a wholesaling business instead, feeling it was more 'family friendly'.  BUT, one can only ignore their calling in life for so long!  This year was finally the year to disregard all family advice, secure a beautiful little shopfront in Hawthorn and jump head first into retail! 'Opening The Woodsfolk has been a really big undertaking, and having worked closely with so many wonderful stores around Australia, it is clear the ones that do well are the ones where the owner is fiercely dedicated' says Amber of her new venture.  She's excited to finally have space to showcase not only her own product, but the work of many other brands and designers she admires - including local labels such as PonyriderKip & CoMade by Mosey and Lumiere Art & Co.  'I can hopefully have my follies and flights of fancies here, because I'm not ordering container loads of the product like I have to for the wholesale business' explains Amber. 'Right now dainty little boxes of product are turning up at the warehouse, and we all run and open them like a bunch of over excited kids!'. That level of excitement definitely shines through in every aspect of Amber's sweet little shop - from the product range to the styling, signage and smiley service... The Woodsfolk is definitely worth a little detour next time you're in the area! The Woodsfolk 39 Church St Hawthorn Victoria P. (03) 9853 7581
Product at The Woodsfolk.  Prints by Lumiere Art & Co.  Photo - Brooke Holm.
Pretty details at The Woodsfolk.  Photos - Brooke Holm.
The Woodsfolk.  Photo - Brooke Holm.

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