Beci Orpin X Urban Outfitters

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
28th of January 2013
Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters Kilim rug 
Clockwise from top left - Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters Triangle Cushion, Patchwork Quilt, Stripe Tribal Rug and Bear Cushion.
I tell you what, I have massive respect for Beci Orpin.  The woman is a dynamo. Aside from her obvious bottomless pit of talent, my admiration for Beci mainly stems from her unflappable work ethic. This is a woman with two young kids, who runs her own business from home - churning out such seriously amazing work for a huge list of clients, day after day, week after week. She just gets stuff DONE! (And everyone knows self employment = about 60 hours at work most weeks!). Beci does have a couple of brilliant casual helpers, an agent and the odd intern... but really, her whole business hinges on her own prolific output, and just sheer hours spent at the computer screen. RESPECT. Beci is both an illustrator and a designer of many things, both on paper and on products and on the web. But Beci's FAVOURITE thing to do, is product design. Inbetween so much client work, she doesn't get the chance to design new product under her own name as often as she would like...which is why she was super chuffed when US retailer Urban Outfitters contacted her last year to design a capsule homewares and soft furnishings range!  It was, she says, 'a dream project'. She got to make a bunch of stuff she would never be able to make on her own - like RUGS! Beci says Urban Outfitters were pretty amazing to work with. 'I sent a bunch of ideas thinking that the collection would get cut down to a few pieces' she says. 'To my disbelief they just kept saying 'lets do it' to most of what I sent through – with no changes at all to the designs!' To see the full range do pop over to Beci's blog - and you will be rewarded with a pretty ace giveaway! Beci has pulled together 3 x prizepacks from the range for three lucky readers of her blog, and you have until 5.00pm today to enter! Pop on over to her blog  to check it OUT. If you like to acquire things the old fashioned way, you can of course also purchase the entire range from the Urban Outfitters website! The range if super affordable, and Beci says UO also offers 'ridiculously cheap shipping to Aus' - free for purchases over $50, even. (However she says there has been some trouble getting rugs shipped to Aus - a few suggestions on ways around this are on her blog today.) NICE WORK BECI. What a star!
Beci Orpin for Urban Outfitters Geometric Wallhanging and Dreamcatcher.

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