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Drawing On Place With Eloise Lark

Some things just naturally work together… salt and pepper, sugar and spice, wine and art! We take a trip south to visit illustrator Eloise Lark in her Hobart studio, and chat with her about her collaboration with Jansz Tasmania.

Sparkling wine, meets sparkling design!

Miriam McGarry
Proudly Supported by Jansz Tasmania

In the studio with Eloise Lark. Photo – Rémi Chauvin.

Not scared of vibrant colours, Eloise is inspired by the ever changing Tasmanian landscape. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

The collaboration with Jansz was a perfect match with Eloise’s work. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

Bright designs from Eloise Lark. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

Inspiration can be found anywhere! Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

Collaging in the studio. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

Bright colourful studio details. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

The studio might not be super neat, but it is filled with colour and energy. Photo – Rémi Chauvin. 

Miriam McGarry
9th of July 2019

Eloise Lark was a creative kid, who in pre-school ‘painted flowers on a rock, stuck two eyes on it, and called it a frog.’ After a few years break from her rock-art period, Eloise reconnected with her creative side in the Year 12 art room, and later moved from Hobart to study Communications Design at RMIT in Melbourne.

Returning to Hobart, Eloise jumped into a residency at Salamanca Arts Centre where she spent a year creating work. She attended markets, put on a solo exhibition, and developed a range of illustrations for greeting cards. She describes this formative year as ‘pretty overwhelming at the time… but I figured I had nothing to lose by trying!’

Eloise describes her work as colourful scribbles, inspired by music and place. Her studio reflects this way of working as she explains her process as ‘mainly intuitive, so space for mess, loud music and experimentation is really important.’ Despite her intentions to maintain a neat and tidy space ‘nothing exciting ever comes from that!’

Her process begins with paintings, drawing and gathering found objects, before translating these various handmade layers into photoshop – which she describes as ‘the glue that helps layer and hold it all together.’ Being in Tasmania has shaped her practice, as an artist she finds herself ‘constantly inspired by the vast diversity of such a small place… and the ways in which the climate can change the perception and mood of a space.’

One of Eloise’s most significant projects to date has been a collaboration with Jansz Tasmania – a pair of giftboxes designed for their locally produced sparkling wine. The project came about after Jansz Tasmania saw a custom wallpaper design the illustrator had created for an apartment in Hobart, titled ‘Derwent Seasons’. The work captures the qualities of the quickly changing Tasmanian weather, and the excitement and drama of these environmental extremes.

Jansz Vigneron, Jennifer Doyle explains that they were drawn to Eloise’s layered and rich celebration of the Tasmanian landscape. ‘The essence of our handcrafted sparkling wines is heavily influenced by Tasmania’s wild and unpredictable weather. It affects everything – from the characteristics of the soil in which our vines grown, to the ocean breezes which moderate vineyard temperature throughout each year, allowing for long, slow ripening.’

Since first being introduced to Jansz Tasmania with a bottle of sparkling wine on her 18th birthday, Eloise explains that is was an ‘easy and exciting decision’ to work with  the winemaker, as it is close to home and is a Tasmanian brand.’ She generously offers some advice to other creatives for working with established brands. She explains ‘it can be intimidating, but just remember that they came to you because they like your style, so be confident!’

For Jansz Tasmania, this synergy between their winemaking process, and Eloise’s art practice was a perfect match. For Eloise, the collaboration allowed an opportunity to celebrate her beloved home state, her art practice, and delicious sparkling wine. Chin-chin!

To shop Jansz Tasmania’s sparkling wine collection, visit Jansz.

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