Evi O · Jungle

From abstract desserts to animal forms, Evi O unveils her new artistic direction with her exhibition, ‘Jungle‘, which goes on exhibit in Sydney next Wednesday.

The Sydney-based artist/graphic designer details the show and shares the day-to-day encounters that have inspired her latest body of work.

Elle Murrell

Sydney-based artist Evi O with her latest collection of paintings, ‘ Jungle‘. Photo – by Nicholas Watt.

Evi’s exhibition opens at Saint Cloche in Sydney on October 11th. ‘The Rabit Hops Against the Wind’ and ‘The Centipede has Many Legs’. Photo – courtesy of Evi O and Saint Cloche.

The abstract artist has pursued an new, animal-inspired direction in this show. Photo – by Nicholas Watt.

‘The Viper Boogies’. Photo – courtesy of Evi O and Saint Cloche.

‘The Bull Dreams of the Moon’ and ‘Holiday with the Squid’. Photo – courtesy of Evi O and Saint Cloche.

‘The Alligator Swims in Yves Klein Blue’ and ‘Here Comes the Octopus’. Photo – courtesy of Evi O and Saint Cloche.

‘The Fish is Always Lucky’ and ‘The Deer Drinks from the River’. Photo – courtesy of Evi O and Saint Cloche.

Elle Murrell
6th of October 2017

After two years of development, artist Evi O’s latest collection of vibrant, abstract paintings will go on exhibit in Sydney next Wednesday. ‘In between the earlier “Double Cream” collection with TDF and this new body of work, “Jungle”, I have been slowly experimenting with simplifying lines, working with more dominant abstract shapes, and using colours more boldly,’ explains the Sydney-based painter.

Another major distinction, is Evi’s new conceptual direction. Striking, simplified forms allude to animal shapes. ‘The creatures depicted in this collection are symbolic of people in my life, which has given me intimacy and emotional resonance as I was working on each piece,’ she tells, talking of the fascinating, diverse characters she encounters in her multicultural home city.

Along with those of family members, friends, and colleagues, Evi has depicted the characteristics and personalities from more fleeting meetings: one with an Uber driver, another a librarian, along with other friendly strangers. She’s also looked inward, offering ‘The Bull Dreams of the Moon’ as a sort of, self-portrait, but at the same time a composite of multiple people.

In tandem with the art practice, Evi is a graphic designer and an award winning book designer, and always has multiple projects on the go. This year, As well as designing books and working on identity-focused projects, she is currently setting up a new studio in a Marrickville warehouse, which will become her HQ for both her art and design practises. ‘I will be surrounded by good people, doing creative things,’ she says. ‘I feel that some more fun, creative collaborations are on the cards, so stay tuned!’

Jungle‘ by Evi O
October 11th to 22nd
Opening Night Wednesday 11 October, 6-8pm
Saint Cloche
37 MacDonald St, Paddington, Sydney

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