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Man Week Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY!


27th August, 2012
Lucy Feagins
Monday 27th August 2012

MAN WEEK gift guide, clockwise from top - Angle 2.0 table lamp by Workroom, 'D' and 'A' plywood series prints by Significant Others, solid birch plywood trestle table by Tressel Table Co., Japanese cardboard stool from Ganim's Store, and Corsham desert boots by Trenery.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.

MAN WEEK gift guide, clockwise from top - Plattan headphones by Urbanears from Ambertech, travel alarm clock from Epatant, leather eyeware case by Solid Pleasures, Featherweight hair pomade by Uppercut Deluxe, Mister Marvellous by Byredo Parfums from Mecca Cosmetica, CDG 2 by Comme des Garcons from Mecca Cosmetica, 11 in 1 multitool by Carridice from Epatant, alarm dock by Areaware from Third Drawer Down, and Philips transistor radio from Epatant.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.

MAN WEEK gift guide, from left to right - Othello glasses by Sneaking Duck, Cantina mug by Country Road, monochromatic flip wallet by Status Anxiety, Apple battery charger from Xero Computing, Lexon Around clock from Vincent2, Model One AM/FM table radio by Tivoli AudioKoh-I-Noor Mechanical Pencil in silver with 5.6mm lead from Notemaker.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.

Man Week gift guide, clockwise from top - Par Avion iPad case by Shuky, all-in-one multitool from Third Drawer DownWörther 'Shorty' mechanical pencils plus Lead Sharpener from Manifesto Brands, powder blue shoelaces by Vanishing Elephant, Lexon Ella calculator from Vincent2, Palomino Blackwing pencils  from Epatant, and Paul Smith x Rhodia notebook from Notemaker.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.

YES THAT'S RIGHT, it's MAN WEEK again!  WOOHOO are you excited!?  Please be excited.

Following the ace feedback we had last year after running our first ever week of bloke-inspired content, we've decided to continue the tradition this year, with a week profiling a bunch of creative local lads, and men's gift ideas in the lead up to Father's Day (which is this coming Sunday, don't forget!)

I'll preface this by saying, we like to make things hard for ourselves.  We decided what would be AMAZING for this gift guide, would be to pull together an epic range of the very best designed products for men, shoot our own styled shots of said product in a proper studio - AND, make the whole bloody gift guide a GIVEAWAY too!

This is basically insane.  You have no idea how hard it is to convince companies who have never heard of you to hand over their valuable wares for a BLOG GIVEAWAY no less.  Hence you will find a few omissions here (ie, we really wanted a CAMERA but no one would give us one, *sob sob).

Nevertheless we charged ahead with this mad plan and look what goodness we uncovered!  Some of the most inspired and affordable gift ideas for the design savvy fella in your life... and things you can actually win!

There's a good mix of online and shop-front retailers here, and if you pounce today, the vast majority of gifts included here can still be purchased and received in time for Father's Day!  (With the exception of the Tressel Table Co. table and Workroom Angle Lamp, both of which have around 4 weeks lead time, but were too amazing not to include!).

If you'd prefer to try your luck... you know what to do!  Please leave a comment on today's post before 10.00pm this evening Melbourne time, to be in the running to win!  25 winners will be drawn at random and contacted by email tomorrow.

* UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who entered our TDF Man Week Gift Guide Giveaway! The winners have been drawn at random and contacted by email – congratulations to Peter (499), Jacqueline (14), Michael (517), Minh (1140), Simon (439), CJ (784), Sally (832), Jane (989), Kazzie (1089), Carolyn (261), UG (878), Claire (339), Steph (366), Sarah (105), Lee (326), Anna F (751), Sarah (824), Luz (377), Wintera (1057), Sven (753), Catherine (1048), Danielle (609), Sandra (924), Naomi (531), and Julian (1134). 


·  Please include your postcode within your comment.  The majority of prizes will be delivered Australia wide, however there are just a couple of larger prizes which are deliverable only within Melbourne.

·  Giveaway open to Australian residents only.  We will endeavour to post all prizes ASAP before Father's Day this weekend!

·  Wordpress can struggle sometimes when lots of people comment at once, please be patient and pop back later today if you are having trouble.  It's usually much easier to comment once the morning rush has subsided!

Massive thanks to Lisa Marie Corso for co-ordinating this giveaway, Sean Fennessy for the stunning shots, and the lovely folks at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne for the generous use of their beautiful studios.

And of course ENORMOUS thanks must go to all the local designers, retailers and distributors listed below for their generosity.  Please do share the love with a visit to their respective websites or stockists for your Father's Day shopping!

The full Man Week Giveaway Line-up

Tressel Table Co. – Solid birch plywood trestle table (rrp $360).  It was not so long ago that we ousted these locally made tables from Melbourne's newest creative start-up, Tressel Table Co.  Since then, our Instagram feed has been inundated with happy customers showing off their new Tressel Table Co. purchases!  These tables are perfect for the study, the studio or the shed.

Workroom – Angle 2.0 table lamp (rrp $682).  We LOVE the Angle lamps by New Zealand design studio Workroom, which come in a fabulous range of colourways.  The black on black variety is the most MANLY option we reckon - a sophisticated modern alternative to the old fashioned bankers lamp.  Workroom is headed up by father-daughter team Douglas and Rebecca Snelling, giving this prize added Father's Day credibility.  Workroom lamps are stocked in Australia by Jardan.

Significant Others – 'D' and 'A' plywood series prints (rrp $95 each, total value $190). These plywood monographic prints are the collaborative efforts of craftsman Ryan Ward of United Measures and designer Suzy Tuxen from A Friend of Mine. Each piece has been hand crafted in Melbourne, and comes ready to hang - no framing required.

Ganim's Store – Japanese cardboard stool (rrp $145).  Melbourne retail guru Rae Ganim uncovers the most inspired quirky finds for her Fitzroy store.  This multi-purpose stool exemplifies everything that we admire about Japanese design, with its lightweight cardboard construction, velvety matte finish and criss-cross rivet detailing.

Trenery – Corsham desert boots (rrp $149). Who doesn't love a man in a desert boot? Correct answer - no one!  We predict these deep blue suede desert boots will become a wardrobe staple this spring, they're super comfy and very versatile.

Ambertech – Indigo Plattan headphones by Urbanears (rrp $99.95). Joining the ranks of ABBA, IKEA and milk chocolate as one of Sweden's best exports is newcomer Urbanears.  Straight out of Stockholm, Urbanears headphones combine the best in sound engineering with the best in design. The Plattan is our top pick, a stylish full size headphone which comes in a range of ace colours - we love the indigo (pictured here).  Urbanears are sold nationally at MYER or for further sales enquiries contact Ambertech here.

Epatant – 11 in 1 multitool by Carridice (rrp $36), Phillips transistor radio (rrp $35), 2 x Palomino Blackwing pencils (rrp $5 each), and travel alarm clock (rrp $5). Epatant is Melbourne's newest man-friendly retail hot spot, selling everything from luxury leathergoods to everyday hardware, perfect for the man who loves refined design with a modern twist.  This prize pack includes some of our fave picks currently in store.  We are MOST excited about the Phillips transistor radio and old school analogue alarm clock - a little nostalgia goes a long way on Father's Day!

(Check TDF tomorrow for our first Man Week feature, where we'll get to know a bit more about the man behind Epatant!)

Solid Pleasures – Leather eyeware case (rrp $79). We recently discovered Jeremy Stines new leathergoods label and were instantly smitten.  Quality, leather cases handcrafted in Melbourne for your precious designer or vintage eyeware – understated genius.

Uppercut Deluxe – Featherweight hair pomade (rrp $22). Another local label, Uppercut Deluxe's range of hair products draws from the original pomade recipes of the company owners' grandfather, Willie 'Uppercut' O'Shea. A famous Australian boxer during the 1930s, Willie never entered the ring without first applying a little homemade pomade to his hair, always keen to look sharp for his opponents, before dominating the knockout round!  These pomades pack a stylish punch.

Mecca Cosmetica – Mister Marvellous by Byredo Parfums (rrp $158) and CDG 2 by Comme des Garcons (rrp $132). A nice smelling man is a keeper.  If you are looking for a fragrance this Father's Day there really is only one place you should be pointing your nose towards and that's Mecca Cosmetica.  Mecca offers an extensive range of men's skin care, aromatherapy products, and colognes including our two top picks featured in this giveaway – Mister Marvellous and GDG 2 – they sure beat Lynx any day!

Third Drawer Down – Alarm dock by Areaware (rrp $55) and all-in-one multitool (rrp $8.50). This alarm dock out of New York-based design collective Areaware combines the technology of today with a hint of nostalgia, drawing reference from flip clocks. Simply attach your iPhone and download their flip clock app, and voila - you have a self made flip clock, the perfect bedside table accessory to wake up to.

Sneaking Duck – Gift certificate for one pair of glasses including prescription lenses (rrp $180). Now there's no point giving away an empty glasses case, unless you have something to put them in, right?  Which is why we're giving away a gift certificate allowing once lucky winner to choose their very own pair of prescription glasses thanks to Sydney-based Sneaking Duck.  Sneaking Duck sells a great range of fashionable eyewear at very affordable prices.  Their website is well worth a visit for it's webcam 'try-on' feature alone - this is the way of the future, people!

Country Road – Cantina mug (rrp $7.95) and small polka dot pocket square (rrp $39.95). Country Road never fails to impress.  This season they launched their Spring Caravan, one of the most creative promotional initiatives we have seen in a while, and they've followed up by launching their spring range nationally.  We LOVE their Cantina ceramics range currently in store, and this very dapper pocket square that will pep up any blazer.

(Note - The winner of this prize will also win the Corsham desert boots from Country Road's sister brand, Trenery.)

Status Anxiety – Monochromatic flip wallet (rrp $39).  Sydney-based label Status Anxiety makes a stylish and affordable range of wallets, bags and tech accessories for the modern man.  This elasticated black flip wallet with contrast white leather interior has a little 'magician-chic' going on.  Is this a new trend?!   You heard it here first, people.

Xero Computing – Apple battery charger (rrp $30). This simple little device is the most handy and affordable Apple product that perhaps you didn't know existed (we didn't until last week).   It's designed to recharge and power your wireless Mac accessories quickly, ensuring you will never be without batteries for your wireless mouse, trackpad or keyboard.  It comes with AA reusable batteries and has the lowest 'standby power usage' of any similar product on the market, so you can keep already charged batteries in the draw for up to a year and they will still work when you use them!  Apple don't generally make a habit of participating in blog giveaways (!!) so instead we are very grateful to the super friendly folks at Xero Computing in Carlton who came to the party - we highly recommend them for all Mac products and super friendly service!

Vincent 2 – Lexon around clock (rrp $49) and Lexon Ella calculator (rrp $59). If the man in your life loves Scandi-inspired desk gadgets then Vincent 2 is your one-stop destination. We particularly love the Lexon range for their ability to make ordinary every day products just that little bit more refined and special.  Present dad with the Ella Calculator this Father's Day, then ask him to do your e-Tax. We guarantee he'll say yes.

Tivoli Audio – Model One AM/FM table radio (rrp $249).  It is SO INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to find  audio equipment which looks as good as it sounds, isn't it!?  It's all shiny plastic and flashing coloured lights these days.  BUT there is one audio brand known as much for its good looks as it is for quality sound engineering.  The Tivoli Model One, designed by famed US audio engineer Henry Kloss is elegant in its simplicity and despite it's size, emits surprisingly rich sound.

The Tivoli Model One AM/FM table radio is compatible with iPod and other players. It's available in several finishes, but we have a devilishly handsome Black Ash / Silver one to give away!

Tivoli Audio products are distributed by Audio Dynamics - available nationally from retailers listed here.

Notemaker – Paul Smith x Rhodia notebook pack (rrp $4.95 and $6.95 - large notepad not pictured) and Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencil (rrp $39.95).  An obvious choice, but designer stationery is a necessity for any distinguished gentleman.  We love Notemaker's weighty Koh-I-Noor mechanical pencils, plus we couldn't NOT include Rhodia's recent collaboration with the one and only Paul Smith, featuring a series of notebooks carrying the fashion designer's very own sketches and signature stripe.

Shuky – Par Avion iPad case (rrp $109).  While coordinating this shoot/giveaway we became a little obsessed with the tech accessories we found. There was even a verbal 'OMG' moment when we found these smart leather iPad cases from Melbourne brand Shuky. Also available in laptop sizing, these cases, based on the humble manila envelope, are simple, understated, and destined to become a modern classic.

Manifesto Brands – 4 x 3.15 mm 'Shorty' mechanical pencils from Wörther ($19.95 each - white and blue pictured), plus Metal Pencil and Lead Sharpener (rrp$69.95 + $24.95 respectively). These German-made mechanical pencils are great for tradies, draftsman, architects, designers and just about any profession where the need for masculine stationery is vital!  The Wörther range includes a great variety of seriously solid hexagonal mechanical pencils and different coloured leads, designed with style and usability in mind.  Distributed by Manifesto Brands and available at Mag Nation, Nation State and Notemaker.

Vanishing Elephant – shoelaces pack (rrp $5 each, prize value $15), Manifesto boots (rrp $279)and Rio tote and laptop case pack (rrp $120). Sydney-based fashion label Vanishing Elephant were already gathering a cult following with their manly fashion wares, before deciding to to seriously up-the-ante by adding a range of accessories to their repertoire (FYI they've also JUST released their first women's range!). We love their plaid tech accessories (laptop case pictured) and footwear range that can be easily personalised with their very affordable line of coloured shoelaces.

Market Lane Coffee – 2 x Jet Set Starter Kit (rrp $150 each - each kit contains an aeropress, aeropress papers, a porlex hand grinder, a set of digital pocket scales, and a brew guide - aeropress not pictured), 1 x Roaster's Pick Coffee Club membership (rrp $125) and 1 x Espresso Coffee Club membership (rrp $125). Market Lane coffee are simply the best at what they do, which is sourcing their own coffee beans and making unique in-house blends.  (In fact, company co-owner Fleur even emailed us last week from Bolivia on a bean sourcing expedition!)

Two lucky winners of this prize pack will each receive Market Lane's Coffee Club membership - a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee delivered to your door, every fortnight for 3 months.  (We love this idea!).  Alongside this inspired gift they've also offered two Jet Set Starter Kits - the perfect gift for the well travelled gentleman who values quality coffee abroad, allowing him to make the perfect coffee in his very own hotel room!

Outre – This is Not a Pipe Tea Light by Jonathan Adler (rrp $75).  US designer Jonathan Adler is a design celebrity of international proportions.  His kooky, left-of-centre designs are coveted by many, but surprisingly are stocked at very few places in Australia. Don't despair - Outre Gallery offers Aussie Adler fans a wide range from his collection, at their stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.  This bone china pipe tea light holder is a sweet desk accessory for the chap who has everything!

Safari Living – Muuto Plus salt and pepper grinder (rrp $108) and Muuto Plus One salt cellar (rrp $49). No matter what level of culinary skill your man has (or claims to have) Muuto's salt and pepper kitchenware does not discriminate. This super stylish complementary  grinder and cellar are the perfect gifts for any discerning foodie, self-appointed or otherwise. For more Nordic design goodness from Muuto and other great tableware, head to Safari Living, it's one of our FAVOURITE Melbourne retailers, hands down.

Hookturn Industries – 1 x 8oz BYO Coffee Cup (rrp $13.20) and 1 x 12oz BYO Coffee Cup (rrp $19.80). These reusable food-grade silicone cups are environmentally friendly and are surely the most 'manly' looking reusable coffee cups on the market!?  Full disclosure - my Mum is one of the three clever co-founders of the BYO coffee cup, so clearly, we are HUGE FANS of this fab little Melbourne-designed product!

MAN WEEK gift guide, from left to right - various bits and bobs including Porlex hand mill and gram scales from the Jet Set Starter Kit from Market Lane Coffee, This is Not a Pipe Tea Light by Jonathan Adler from Outre, Plus salt and pepper grinder by Muuto from Safari Living, Plus one salt cellar by Muuto from Safari Living, and BYO coffee cups by Hookturn Industries.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.

MAN WEEK gift guide, clockwise from top to bottom - Solid birch plywood trestle table by Tressel Table Co., Morrison boots by Vanishing Elephant, polka dot pocket square by Country Road, and Rio plaid laptop caseby Vanishing Elephant.  All photos - Sean Fennessy, styling - Lucy Feagins, stylist assistant - Lisa Marie Corso.  Shot at The Establishment Studios in Melbourne.


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