Little Dandelion

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
10th of May 2012
Stunning blankets and throws made by Jacqueline Fink for her label Little Dandelion - you guessed it, these incredible shots are by Sharyn Cairns, styled by Glen Proebstel.  Too beautiful.

Jacqueline Fink is the designer and maker behind Little Dandelion, a bespoke soft furnishings label in Sydney.  Jacqueline makes the most exquisite chunky throws, blankets and shrugs in pure, soft wool and rustic linen, knitted by hand using enormous needles!

Jacqueline has a varied career background - she's worked a patchwork of very different jobs which finally landed her here at Little Dandelion.  She's a lawyer by training, but only practised law for a few years.  'It wasn't my cup of tea at all' she says, 'studying law is very different from the practise of it - it was very obvious to me that I was not amongst my tribe'.  Stage two of Jacqueline's career journey was when she joined her husband's business, running five Hugo Boss stores in Sydney and one multi-brand menswear store called Claude Sebastian.  This time instilled in Jacqueline a deep understanding and passion for high quality retail -  'I know what it is to walk the floor in retail. Retail is really complex, and it is a shame that not more people consider it as a genuine career option' she says.

Jacqueline worked with her husband until the birth of her first child in 2002.  'It was my choice to be a stay at home Mum, but I did struggle to adjust to the all-consuming nature of motherhood. I really needed something of my own.  I devoted a lot of thought to what that "something" may be, and eventually the idea came to me in a dream.'  And so Little Dandelion was born! Currently in its very early stages, Little Dandelion does not have retail stockists just yet.  Being a perfectionist at heart, Jacqueline isn't interested in manufacturing masses of product.  'I make everything myself, so the reality is there will never be a huge number of my wares out at anyone time.  My original plan was to retail the products directly online, but at this early stage, I feel that people really need to be able to handle the throws and blankets and see them to truly appreciate their uniqueness.  However, I am more than happy to sell my products directly to the public'. SO if these incredible handcrafted pieces have struck a chord with you, do make contact with Jacqueline directly!  She is currently in talks with a select handful of stockists in Melbourne and Sydney to sell her beautiful wares - likeminded retailers should definitely get in touch!
Jacqueline has a sweet blog here.
Handknitted blankets and throws made by Little Dandelion - photos by Sharyn Cairns, styling by Glen Proebstel.

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