Koskela at Rosebery

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
27th of February 2012
Brand new Koskela showroom at Rosebery! SO good.
Koskela lampshades, Kate Banazi prints!
Bedlinen by Castle and other people
Designer details at Koskela's new showroom.  Top right, bedlinen by Castle and cushions by Curio & Curio.  Bottom left, hand printed plaques by Me & Amber, bottom right - room dividing screens by Koskela.

Happy Monday blog lovers!

If you follow TDF on Twitter perhaps you already know I've been in Sydney for the last few days - shooting houses, checking out the trade shows and generally dashing about spending too much money on taxis.  One of the MAIN reasons for this brief interstate jaunt was to check out Koskela's new showroom at Rosebery.


Believe the hype, people.  It is BEYOND amazing.

We're talking one seriously MASSIVE and truly beautiful industrial space that also houses the brilliant Kitchen by Mike cafe (cute review and pics here) and Megan Morton's School, photographic studio and Propery.  Talk about dream team.

MANY of our fave local brands are represented in Koskela's epic retail space - they include Bonnie and Neil, Castle, Planet Luxe, Quiescence Candles, Greg Hatton, Loom Rugs, and, drum roll please - new bespoke BEDLINEN by KATE BANAZI!

Kate Banazi screenprinted one-of-a-kind bedlinen!

Kate Banazi also has a fab exhibition of new limited edition prints on display here to coincide with the launch of the new space - they're framed by the very brilliant Ryan Ward at United Measures (because fluoro artwork demands fluoro corners, you know).  The prints start at just $79 unframed. I don't know how this is actually possible for locally printed limited edition arty goodness but I strongly advise Banazi fans to make a purchase before someone realises there's been some kind of pricing mistake.

Anyhoo I am not sure words really do this place justice so I think perhaps I should just let you admire the pics.   Sandblasted brickwork + sawtooth roof + natural light + sustainable Australian-made furniture and homewares + fluoro accents in every corner = retail heaven.  Get on down there Sydneysiders.  Sydney's new design hub is born!

I wonder when I will get sick of fluoro homewares... hopefully never.  LOVE those pendants!

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