Country Road - Autumn 2012

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
6th of February 2012

New Homewares from the Country Road Autumn 2012 collection

I have a confession to make.  Whilst you know I do love and support with all my heart the immense talent of Australia's independent design community, there is also just one high street store that I am a MASSIVE, die-hard fan of.

You guessed it.  I am a closet Country Road groupie.

I can't help it!  CR just do such a consistently great job - particularly when it comes to homewares and accessories.  Country Road were the first Australian 'lifestyle' brand, and you gotta hand it to them - as a company, over the past 20 years Country Road really have defined a quintessentially 'Australian' sense of style.

Having said that, the brand new Country Road Autumn 2012 range does have a refreshingly Scandi look going on.  The campaign, of course, is styled to perfection - all rustic blonde timber, chunky textures and faux fur.  As usual I am wishing all the kids clothes came in grown-up sizes... but the pieces that really sing to me are the stunning ceramics and tableware, pictured above. OH my. GREY AND YELLOW!?  My fave colour combo - how did they know!?  Beautiful.

There is one cute fun fact I have to share too.  My dear pal Simone Elder is one of the extremely talented designers at studio Ortolan, and she works on all Country Road's catalogues and beautiful promotional material.  After our TDF Open House event in December, Sim asked what we were doing with the cute little timber pegs we had made for display in the house. Turns out she was after some for this Country Road shoot!  And so, if you have an eagle eye you will spot one lonely little timber peg, sitting pride of place on the wall in the image below!   It was made by my dear fella Gordon for TDF Open House, and thanks to Sim it's now gracing the front of the current Country Road catalogue!  I am weirdly chuffed about that. Thanks Sim and thankyou Country Road!

Country Road Autumn 2012 collection

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