Captains of Industry

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
30th of August 2011
Captains of Industry - all shots here by Sean Fennessy
Captains of Industry Shoemakers James Roberts & Theo Hassett
Detail from Roberts & Hassett bespoke footwear studio

It would be fair to say that the clever chaps at Captains of Industry are a teeny bit tired of having their photo taken.  I say this only because when I phoned them to tee up a time to take these shots, my (admittedly, somewhat last minute) request was initially met with polite indifference. They were a bit like 'yeah... ahh... we get a lot of bloggers wanting to come in to take photos of us... ' Ha!  I guess once you've been photographed by Todd Selby it's all downhill from there. :) And actually I totally deserve it because I am wayyy behind on this one.  Shameful.  Anyway, better late than never I suppose.

ANYWAY yes, it's true, Melbourne's Captains of Industry aren't exactly unpublished.  They're been blogged all over the place and have made an almighty splash in the mainstream media too - from our very own Vogue Living to *Wallpaper and even the NY Times' T Magazine.  But truly, they totally deserve the hype - because when a business is this special, it's no wonder everyone wants a piece of the action.

It must be said that Captains of Industry is a uniquely 'Melbourne' collaboration.  Nestled down a laneway and up a rickety flight of stairs in the heart of the CBD, 'Captains' is a cafe, a gentlemans' outfitters and a barber shop.  Whilst it's hipster appeal can't be ignored, what makes C-o-I truly special is that at it's core, this is a business based on practical skills and good old fashioned craftsmanship!  Here you can commission a pair of custom shoes (made by in house bootmakers James S. Roberts & Theo Hassett), get your hair cut by Sam Fordyce in the barber shop, and even order a made to measure suit from Thom Grogan at Statler & Waldorf.  There are a few impressive beards and coiffed moustaches around.  There's a fair bit of slicked-back Madmen-esque hair.  You won't spot anybody wearing Converse, or primary colours for that matter.  You get the picture.

Stereotypes aside, Captains of Industry really does have a touch of magic about it.  It's as if one step through the door takes you momentarily back to some bygone era, when gentlemen were dapper, perfectly groomed and dressed to impress!   And really, who doesn't appreciate a well-dressed gentleman? :)

Massive thanks to the Captains for enduring one more photoshoot!  And to Sean Fennessy for these wonderful shots.

Captains of Industry Gentlemans Outfitter and Cafe Level 1, 2 Somerset Pl. Melbourne Cafe open Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm, and 10.00am to 5.00pm on Saturday & Sunday.  Bespoke services available by appointment.
Details from Roberts & Hassett bespoke footwear studio
Thom Grogan - Fitter / Tailor at Statler & Waldorf
Captains' barber, Sam Fordyce
Captains' cafe
Sam Clements in the Captains' cafe
Sam Clements - The man, the myth, the beard.

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