Ortolan for K.W. Doggett stationery + giveaway!

Lucy Feagins
Lucy Feagins
31st of March 2011
Beautiful writing sets by graphic design team Ortolan for K.W Doggett's Rives paper range.  Photos - Narelle Brewer.

JUST LOOK at these simply beautiful writing sets by graphic design team Ortolan, to promote K.W Doggett's Rives paper range.  I'm sure you'll spot the painterly work of Kat Macleod, who worked alongside fellow Ortolaner Narelle Brewer to design this exquisite promo. The outcome is a modern day stationery set featuring beautiful illustrations and quirky correspondence etiquette tips.   My favourite - ‘If you want to be invited back, think ink! An email is not a thank you note’.  Gawd.  Guilty as charged.

Sadly you cannot buy these :(  They're for promotional use only.  But excitingly today you might win one!  K.W Doggett would love to fill the mailboxes of 5 lucky TDF readers with a package of papery designy etiquettey goodness.

If you'd like to be in the running, please leave a comment on this post today Thursday March 31st, before 10.00pm Melbourne time.  The winners will be selected at random tomorrow.

Thankyou and good morning. :)

*update - thanks so much for all your entries!  5 winners have now been randomly selected - the winning comments were #60, #206, #111, #230, and #58.  Congratulations Claire, Chloe, Angelique, Hailey and Margie!

Aw the cuteness of the gift tags!
All envelopes should be yellow on the inside.  Surely.

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